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The #1 Free Weights Workout To Melt Hanging Belly Fat

This routine will burn the fat and build muscle.
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When it comes to a stunning physique, getting rid of hanging belly fat is a top priority. Not only does fat around the stomach area reduce the aesthetic, but it also comes with a host of metabolic health risks that, if left unchecked, can cause serious issues.

The good news is that adding core exercises and free weights to your workout program can drastically improve your ability to get rid of hanging belly fat. While you still need to focus on diet and nutrition, lifting free weights helps build muscle, which fills in the areas where you burn fat.

Resistance training and core strengthening also reduce the appearance of saggy skin, which is a secondary issue that comes with losing weight. Finally, lifting weights provides a boost to your metabolism, which compounds along with good nutrition to shrink your belly fat and reveal a transformed physique.

The following is my #1 core and free weight workout to get rid of hanging belly fat. Perform this workout twice per week using a weight that causes failure between eight and 12 repetitions. If you prefer, you can also split it into two workouts based on upper and lower body exercises.


barbell back squat at the gym

Squats are a must for serious muscle building and a fat-burning metabolic boost. You can perform barbell back squats, dumbbell squats, goblet squats, or any other form of added resistance to the squatting motion.

Regardless of your chosen weight, be sure to keep your spine neutral and core engaged as you lower your hips to the bottom of each squat. Throughout the movement, do not allow your knees to cave inward or your torso to fall forward. Repeat for the target repetitions.

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woman doing dumbbell walking lunges

You can do lunges with a variety of weight options. I personally prefer holding a dumbbell in each hand when doing lunges, but if you feel comfortable, you can use a barbell instead.

To perform a lunge, step forward with one foot, and bend the front and back knees to lower your hips toward the ground. Push through the front foot to return to the starting position. You can perform lunges in place or walk forward.


mature man doing pull-ups for stronger muscles after 40

Pull-ups and their variations are great for building upper body strength with the pulling muscles, particularly the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and biceps.

You can use a variety of grips when doing pull-ups, including prone, neutral, and reverse grip. I recommend choosing one and sticking with it for a few months before switching.

With whatever grip you choose, pull yourself up to the bar, and aim to get your chest to nearly contact the bar. Grip variations will change the optimal angle for pulling yourself all the way up, but always keep your shoulders engaged and pinched "back and down" to prevent injury.

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Overhead Press

man performing barbell overhead press exercise

Overhead presses are a must for getting serious stimulus to the upper body to help drive your metabolic furnace. Be sure to perform them standing for maximum benefit. I like using a barbell since it allows the most weight to be lifted, thus providing the greatest stimulus. However, dumbbells are a good alternative and are a bit more forgiving on the shoulders.

Avoid shrugging or arching your back when performing your overhead press. Fully extend your arms until your elbows are locked out on each repetition.

Hanging Leg Raises

man demonstrating hanging leg raise to get rid of hanging belly fat

Hanging leg raises are a fantastic way to hit your abs and core, and also train your grip depending on whether you hang from a bar or use ab-slings.

Start by bringing your knees to your chest while hanging onto a pull-up bar. If this becomes too easy, keep your legs straight, and raise your whole leg. Eventually, you can go "toes to bar" for the full version of the exercise.

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Russian Twists

man demonstrating Russian twist exercise, workout to shrink pot belly fat

Russian twists train the muscles in your core that rotate your torso, leading to a more full, sculpted torso and midriff area.

You can use a light medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, or even a weight plate as resistance. Rotate from one side to the other, touching the weight to the floor on each repetition. Focus on twisting through your whole torso as opposed to only moving your arms.

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