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The Worst Wendy's Burger You Should Never Order

There's one menu option that is just downright scary.

It's safe to say that even the most health-conscious person can't always resist the temptation that arises when you happen to pass the drive-thru of your favorite fast-food restaurants. So if you happen to pull up to a Wendy's, ready to indulge, and you're having trouble deciding which burger you should order, we're here to help you out. See, there is one menu option that no matter how you spin it is just a no-go.

Yes, there is one Wendy's burger that is truly the worst of the worst, and simply put, you really should just avoid it if you can. So which is it?

The worst Wendy's burger is…

Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple

wendys pretzel bacon pub triple burger
Courtesy of Wendy's
Per 1 burger: 1,520 calories, 106 g fat (45 g saturated fat, 5 g trans fat), 1,940 mg sodium, 54 g carbs (4 g fiber, 6 g sugar), 89 g protein

To say this burger is big is an understatement, that's for sure. Here, there are three of Wendy's iconic square beef patties that are topped with warm beer cheese sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, smoky honey mustard, crispy fried onions, pickles, and a slice of muenster cheese. All between a pretzel bun. Clearly, it's a monster of a burger and frankly, there are just too many red flags to justify eating this in one sitting. (Unlike any of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now—you can go ahead and eat up those!)

For starters, it's more than 1,000 calories, which is already reason enough to skip this burger. It's also packing a scary 106 grams of fat. The FDA recommends a person who is following a 2,000-calorie a day diet to consume 78 grams of fat per day—you're exceeding this number in just one meal with this burger.

Then, you take a look at the fact that it's packing 5 grams of heart-harming trans fat. Trans fat raises LDL, or your "bad" cholesterol, and lowers HDL, aka you "good" cholesterol. If you're consuming trans fats, this can lead to heart disease and stroke. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that it's recommended by The FDA that it's best to limit trans fats consumption to as low as possible, which means zero trans fats should be what you're aiming for.

That's not all.

The trouble with this burger continues when you take a look at the sodium. Keep in mind The American Heart Association says the average adult should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. This burger is clocking in at 1,940 milligrams, closely approaching your entire daily limit. This is just in one burger. Without any side dishes. So don't even think about ordering any fries!

Plus, there are 89 grams of protein in this burger, which is again, way too much for a person to be eating in one meal. It's been suggested that no more than 30 grams of protein per meal is ideal. (FYI, if you're looking for more helpful tips, your ultimate restaurant and supermarket survival guide is here!)

Which Wendy's burger is the best to order instead?

There really is nothing wrong with a classic, and that same logic applies to your Wendy's order. The Jr. Hamburger clocks in at 250 calories—more than 1,000 less than the rather excessive burger above. Plus, it only has 420 milligrams of sodium, which again, is much lower than what you would get from the Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple. You can even enjoy an order of fries with this burger and not have to worry about completely destroying your total daily calorie allotment in one meal, something you would have to seriously think about if you ate the Pretzel Bacon Pub burger.

If you're really urging to try that burger though, it's best to share it with others. Having a piece of something is better than not having it at all! That way, you can have some of the burger and still enjoy a side dish to give you the full fast-food meal experience. Sharing isn't your thing? Perhaps if you know you're planning on indulging in this burger, pare down the rest of your day and just plan ahead some healthier foods to eat for your other meals. It might take a bit of work, but enjoying an entire meal when you're indulging in some fast food isn't impossible!

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