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4 U.S. Foods Banned in Other Countries

The artificial colors yellow 5 and yellow 6 are found in tons of foods in the US.
4 U.S. Foods Banned in Other Countries

It’s no secret that our food system is broken. Any country that allows us to unknowingly eat wood chips, yoga mats, human hair, beetle shells, beaver sex glands, and all number of synthetic chemicals isn’t looking out for our nutritional interests. And while the USA is busy labeling pizza a vegetable, other countries are taking steps to protect their people from dangerous food-like products. Here are some foods that you can find in your grocery store that are banned in other countries.

1. Rice Krispies

Most of the cereals in US cereal aisles cannot be sold as they are in other countries because they contain the preservative Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT). Both BHT and BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) are banned in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and much of Europe because they are thought to be carcinogenetic.

2. Kraft Mac and Cheese

The artificial colors yellow 5 and yellow 6 are found in tons of foods in the US, from mac and cheese, to crackers, chips, and even drinks. Foods containing these dyes are banned in Norway and Sweden. In the EU, they must be labeled with the phrase: “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”

3. US Milk

The EU has banned milk that contains the growth hormone rBGH. Most conventionally raised (non-organic) cows in the US are given this drug. Unless your milk is organic or says “does not contain rBGH” you are drinking milk that would be banned throughout Europe.

4. Tyson Chicken

The EU has had a long-standing ban on chicken that has been washed in chlorine. Many chicken companies in the US use chlorinated water baths, rinses, and mists as an antimicrobial treatment. Some chickens are “water chilled,” which means they are submerged in a chlorine bath. Others are “air-chilled” which means they could have been misted with chlorine.

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