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Erin Yarnall

Erin Yarnall

About author

Erin Yarnall is a freelance reporter from the Chicago area. She's written for Eat This, Not That!, Best Life, Time Out, The Chicago Tribune, The Toronto Star, and Mashed, among other publications. In her free time, she likes traveling, running marathons very slowly, and being Lorde's #1 fan.

Articles by Erin Yarnall

plate of italian hash with fried egg next to skillet and water glass
holding chicken
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eating a salad
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apple cider vinegar in glass with measuring tape
person in blue button down eating from bag of chips
woman drinking orange juice
tomato juice
old lady with wine glass
healthy breakfast foods
fermented foods
cucumber slices
woman holding glass of milk
mushrooms and onion
woman drinking iced tea
cinnamon supplements
avocado toast with egg
frozen pizza aisle at the grocery store
fruit salad in small container
steel cut oatmeal with berries
oatmeal bowl with fruit
trader joes