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The Best Apple Pie in Every State

Oozing with caramelized apples, sprinkled with spices, and baked to perfection—what's not to love?
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Whether served warm or à la mode, apple pie is one of those soul-satisfying comfort desserts that practically everyone seems to love. In fact, according to the American Pie Council, apple pie is the number one pie preference among Americans, with one in every five people claiming it as their first pick. And we can understand why. Oozing with delicious baked apples, sprinkled with spices, and baked to perfection—what's not to love?

From old-fashioned apple pies that are reminiscent of grandma's to others that are served with a twist (did someone say salted caramel?), these are some of the best apple pies found in each state. And while it might not be a good idea to eat an apple pie a day, read up on what eating an apple a day can do for your health! And for more, check out The Best Pie in Every State

ALABAMA: The Continental Bakery in Birmingham

alabama the continental bakery
Jesse R./ Yelp

The Continental Bakery in Birmingham prides itself on delicious pastries, pies, and bread that are delicious works of art. Their classic apple pie is made fresh and teeming with flavor.

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ALASKA: A Pie Stop in Anchorage

alaska a pie shop
Melissa W./ Yelp

Steve Satterlee and his granddaughter, Alisa, head A Pie Stop, a local Midtown Anchorage bakery that Satterlee purchased from Amish and Mennonite bakers during his retirement. The bakery is a community favorite and has a menu that features dozens of different fruit pies, hand pies, quiches, pastries, and more. One of their most talked-about delicacies is their mouth-watering apple pie.

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ARIZONA: Pie Snob in Phoenix

arizona pie snob
Nicole A./ Yelp

Pie Snob's most popular pie is their apple crumb pie, which is made with tart apples, cinnamon spice, and their signature crumb topping. If you are looking for something with a little extra added sweetness, give their "ridiculously good" caramel apple pie a whirl, which features a smooth caramel topping.

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ARKANSAS: Catalpa Cafe and General Store

arkansas catalpa cafe
Brad R./ Yelp

Catalpa Cafe and General Store is a "hidden treasure" nestled in the Ozark National Forest serving up some of Arkansas' most sought-after baked goods. A favorite among locals is the homemade apple pie.

CALIFORNIA: Bronzed Aussie in Los Angeles

california bronzed aussie
Rachel S./ Yelp

Yelp reviewers have described the Bronzed Aussie's flaky apple pie as "spot-on delicious" and "perfection." Be sure to also pick up some savory pies if you give the Bronzed Aussie a visit.

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COLORADO: Shamane's Bake Shoppe in Boulder

colorado shamanes bake shoppe
Shamane's Bake Shoppe/ Yelp

Shamane's Bake Shoppe in Boulder is a local mainstay that keeps people coming back for more. One of their most popular pies is their apple pie, which one diner described as, "the perfect combination of sweet, tart and firm – with loads of Apple and a hint of buttery taste."  Other must-try pies include their plum raspberry, coconut cream, and key lime options. Their pies can also be made gluten-free at an additional charge.

CONNECTICUT: Beardsley Cider Mill in Shelton

connecticut beardsley cider mill
Stephen S./ Yelp

If you spend a day picking your own apples at Beardsley Cider Mill in Connecticut be sure to grab one of their homemade apple pies on your way out. Yelp reviewers have described these pies as "addicting" and the "best classic American apple pie" around.

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DELAWARE: The Station on Kings in Lewes

delaware station on kings
Andy B./ Yelp

Delaware's The Station on Kings sells a mouthwatering caramel Dutch apple pie that you will not soon forget. If you're into pastries, try one of their many creations. As one reviewer put it, "There are no words to describe how good their pastries are. It's some type of sorcery."

FLORIDA: Fireman Derek's Bake Shop & Cafe in Miami

florida fireman derek bake shop
Batool H./ Yelp

Miami-favorite Fireman Derek's Bake Shop and Cafe was started by local firefighter and Division-I football player, Derek Kaplan. The family-owned business churns out a long list of tasty treats, including pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and other baked goods. One of their most sought-after confections is their apple pie, which is made using homemade streusel and can be served with whipped cream or a cool scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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GEORGIA: Southern Sweets Bakery in Decatur

georgia southern sweets bakery
Maya C./ Yelp

Started in 1992 in Decatur, Southern Sweets Bakery makes some of the city's most delicious baked goods. A must-have is their Rustic Apple Pie, which Yelp reviewers have described as "amazing" and "incredible." Fans also rave about the cherry pie and the Vegan Strawberry Layer Cake, so you should probably try those too.

HAWAII: Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop in Lahaina

hawaii leodas kitchen pie
Michael H./ Yelp

Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop serves up delicious family-style favorites, which they describe as "glorified grandma comfort food." These lip-smacking dishes include Reuben sandwiches, blue cheese cheeseburgers, and mac and cheese. A menu must-have that keeps people coming back for more, however, is their Apple Crumb Pie, which is a sweet way to close out any meal.

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IDAHO: Boise Pie Co. in Boisee

idaho boise pie co
Kori H./ Yelp

The Boise Pie Co. in Idaho makes not one, but five amazing apple pies that prove that there is an apple pie out there for everyone. You can choose the Apple-Salted Caramel which is made using green apples and a silky caramel sauce, the Apple Cream Pie which features tart green apples baked in sweet cream with a streusel top, or the tasty Apple Praline Pie which features a scrumptious brown sugar pecan crumble. Pie purists can opt for the simple, but no less delicious, traditional apple pie or apple crumb pie.

ILLINOIS: Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits in Chicago

illinois bang bang pie
Eddie L./ Yelp

Yelp reviewers have proclaimed that Bang Bang Pie's apple pie is "out of this world" and something that you "would normally get at your grandmother's house."

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INDIANA: Pots and Pans Pie Co. in Indianapolis

indiana pots and pans pie
Brian A./ Yelp

Pots and Pans Pie Co. is a beloved Indianapolis bakery that specializes in sweet and savory pies. Their bakers utilize local ingredients to create some of the best desserts around with one Yelp reviewer driving four hours to get a taste. Their fan-favorite apple crumble pie is made using heaps of crisp sliced apples and topped with a crunchy brown sugar crumble.

IOWA: Kathy's Pies in Cedar Rapids

iowa kathys pies
Kathy's Pies/ Yelp

Kathy's Pies, which was established in 1986, has been serving countless customers and wholesale accounts around Cedar Rapids for decades, and with good reason—their pies are absolutely delicious. One pie not to miss is their classic apple pie which they prepare using Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They even have a "no sugar added" version, as well. While you're there, think about giving the Bayou Goo a try. A Yelp reviewer called this masterpiece "three layers of joy."

KANSAS: Bobo's Drive-In in Topeka

kansas bobos drive in
Daisuke T./ Yelp

Double cheeseburgers, corn dogs, chocolate sundaes, and old-fashioned apple pie are on the menu at the historic Bobo's Drive-In in Topeka. Their apple pie, which Yelp reviewers have described as "amazing," is especially tasty when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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KENTUCKY: Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen in Louisville

kentucky homemade ice cream pie
Gene G./ Yelp

Homemade Ice Cream and Kitchen in Kentucky offers four different apple pies for the discerning pie lover. Choose from the traditional double crust, Dutch, caramel-covered and no-sugar-added varieties. Whatever you choose, top it with one of the house-made, small-batch ice cream flavors.

LOUISIANA: Windowsill Pies in New Orleans

louisiana windowsill pies
Kelly C./ Yelp

Served with tea or coffee during breakfast or prepared as a delicate evening dessert, Windowsill Pies' Almond-Laced Apple Pie is the perfect way to start, or end, any day.

MAINE: Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland

maine two fat cats bakery
Jenney T./ Yelp

Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland serves up a delectable, truly seasonal apple pie that is only available from September through March. If you want to branch out from the classic apple option, you can also try one of Two Fat Cats Bakery's 46 other seasonal varieties that are available in a range of sizes. Hint: some can even be shipped via Goldbelly.

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MARYLAND: Butler's Orchard in Germantown

maryland butlers orchard
Butler's Orchard/ Yelp

Butler's Orchard has a farm market and bakery onsite that churns out delicious apple pies with fruit from the orchard. If you spend a day at Butler's make sure to grab a pie to go before heading home. If you're lucky, you might even snag one hot out of the oven.

MASSACHUSETTS: Petsi Pies in Somerville

massachusetts petsi pies
Areeba Z./ Yelp

Petsi Pies in Somerville makes an unforgettable classic apple pie using a mixture of Granny Smith and Cortland apples, cinnamon, sugar, and a buttery melt-in-your-mouth crust.

MICHIGAN: Sister Pie in Detroit

michigan sister pie
Rudy B./ Yelp

Make sure to try out the apple pie from Sister Pie in Detroit if you are nearby—they infuse the crust with sage and gouda cheese, making it one truly unforgettable treat. Diners rave about the "creative fusion of flavors" and "complex flavor profile."

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MINNESOTA: Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake

minnesota pine tree apple orchards
Josh K./ Yelp

Pine Tree Apple Orchard not only has an abundance of apples to pick with family or friends in the autumn months, but it also has one of the best apple pies around. Their original apple pie, which is prepared with a double crust, is served alongside freshly prepared apple crisps, apple doughnuts, and pumpkin pies.

MISSISSIPPI: Tom's Original Fried Pies in Richland

mississippi toms original fried pies
C.B./ Yelp

Tom, the owner of Tom's Original Fried Pies in Mississippi, has been frying up pies for years using his mother's recipe. One of their best-loved pies is the fried apple pie, which comes in two sizes, "regular" and "big guy."

MISSOURI: Pie, Oh My! In Maplewood

missouri pie oh my
Bonnie L./ Yelp

At Pie, Oh My! in Missouri you can either order their famous apple pie by the slice or opt for an individual-sized pie that is almost too adorable to eat. If you're craving a combo of flavors, try one of their other creative options like Apple Green Chili, Caramel Apple Pecan, or Pear Apple Raspberry.

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MONTANA: 2K's Cafe in Great Falls

montana 2ks cafe
Liz Z./ Yelp

2K's Cafe, the mother-daughter-owned eatery in Great Falls, always has their mouthwatering apple pie on hand for eager diners. If you stop by, make sure to do so early—they usually are closed up by 2pm.

NEBRASKA: Modern Love in Omaha

nebraska modern love
Mike S./ Yelp

Modern Love is a delicious vegan restaurant that serves up "heavenly" vegan apple pie a la mode with their house-made cashew-based ice cream.

NEVADA: Suzuya Patisserie in Las Vegas

nevada suzuya patisserie
Lily B./ Yelp

Gorgeously crafted with hand-folded pie dough and full of caramelized Fuji apples, the Fuji apple pie at Suzuya is a seasonal must-have that is offered from November to mid-December.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Black Forest Cafe in Amherst

new hampshire black forest cafe
Ellen B./ Yelp

The Black Forest Cafe in New Hampshire has been making stunning seasonal pies, cupcakes, pastries, and more since 1988, with their apple pie being a fan-favorite. "If you are looking for an impressive dessert to take to someone, take a look at their cakes and pies," says one reviewer.

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NEW JERSEY: Shannon's Eyes on the Pies in Hewitt

new jersey shannons eyes on pies
Brian W./ Yelp

If you find yourself in Hewitt, New Jersey, you must stop at Shannon's Eyes on the Pies to try out some of their deep-dish apple pie. Started by breast cancer survivor Shannon Cheevers, the colorful cafe uses pink boxes to bring awareness to breast cancer, and during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month the shop donates a portion of its profits to breast cancer research.

NEW MEXICO: The Shed in Santa Fe

new mexico the shed
Bhags M./ Yelp

The Shed, which has been serving New Mexico appetizing dishes since 1953, also has one of the city's most talked-about desserts—their French Apple Pie. This stellar pie features sliced Granny Smith apples, English walnuts, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

NEW YORK: Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn

new york four twenty blackbirds
Liana L./ Yelp

Only one word comes to mind when enjoying a slice of Four and Twenty Blackbirds' Salted Caramel Apple Pie—"wow." Made using two different types of apples sourced from the nearby Hudson Valley, this pie gets its uniquely delicious flavor from Angostura bitters, an aromatic spice blend, and a dash of salt sprinkled on top. "This place is CRUUUUST CITY with the best buttery crust you could wrap your taste buds around," gushed one reviewer.

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NORTH CAROLINA: Slice Pie Company in Raleigh

north carolina slice pie company
Slice Pie Company/ Yelp

Slice Pie Company's apple pie, which won the Blue Ribbon at the North Carolina State Fair, is the bakery's best-selling pie, and we can understand why. Featuring an incredibly flaky pie crust, three pounds of fresh apples, and a combination of secret spices, it is no surprise why this pie brought home the gold.

NORTH DAKOTA: Burger Time in Minot

north dakota burger time
KJ J./ Yelp

Burger Time in Minot offers up a pretty sweet deal when it comes to their crowd-pleasing apple pie. For starters, it is just $1.59.

OHIO: Fox in the Snow Cafe in Columbus


Fox in the Snow Pie
Fox in the Snow/Facebook

Fox in the Snow Cafe, the rustic Columbus eatery that has three locations throughout the city, makes delicious desserts that check off all the boxes. A popular treat is their individual apple pie, which is a miniature version of the beloved classic.

OKLAHOMA: Pie Junkie in Oklahoma City

oklahoma pie kunie
Sacha B./ Yelp

Pie Junkie was started by two moms who pride themselves on striking the perfect balance between traditional and modern. The Apple Crumble Pie is a popular pick teeming with texture and flavor. The crunchy brown sugar and oat topping gives it a unique touch.

OREGON: The Pie Spot in Portland

oregon the pie spot
Kenny C./ Yelp

Founded in 2009, the Pie Spot in Portland makes miniature palm-sized apple pies that are "a really awesome way to experience a pie."

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PENNSYLVANIA: Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Cafe in Lancaster

pennsylvania bird in hand bakery
Arlene M./ Yelp

Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Cafe, which is located right in the heart of beautiful Amish country, bakes up some of the most delicious homemade apple pies that will keep you coming back for more.

RHODE ISLAND: Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery in North Smithfield

rhode island wrights dairy farm bakery
Jackie O./ Yelp

Located a short thirty-minute drive from downtown Providence is Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery, a family-owned and operated establishment that has been serving Rhode Islanders since the early 1900s. They are especially known for their picture-perfect homemade apple pie, which costs only $14.75 for an 8-inch option.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Kaminsky's in Charleston

south carolina Mari J./ Yelpkaminskys
Mari J./ Yelp

Nestled on Market Street in the bustling city of Charleston is Kaminsky's, a quaint cafe that bakes some of the area's most loved sweets. Their dessert offerings, which change daily, feature their highly-rated apple pie which reviewers have described as "delicious" and "5+ stars." This can't-miss favorite sits on the menu alongside other luscious treats such as coconut cream pie, Double Dare cake, and Tollhouse pie, the cafe's signature confection that is made with cookie dough, pecans, chocolate sauce, and caramel.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Bobkat's Purple Pie Place in Custer

south dakota purple pie place
Gr8vette G./ Yelp

Purple Pie Place in Custer makes some of the best pies around with their apple pie being one of their most gushed over. Located right in the picturesque Black Hills of South Dakota, Purple Pie Place (which really is purple!) serves not only delicious pies but also has a menu full of hearty lunch options such as turkey sandwiches, homemade chicken pot pies, and chili cheese dogs—so you can get both lunch and dessert, all in one place.

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TENNESSEE: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop in Murfreesboro

tennessee buttermilk sky pie shop
Asia A./ Yelp

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop's Granny's Apple Pie has heaps of moist, buttery crumble topping that helps make this classic dessert a Tennessee favorite. "It is literally the perfect pie," said one reviewer

TEXAS: Proud Pie in Katy

texas proud pie
Proud Pie/ Yelp

Proud Pie, the Texas establishment that serves fresh pies alongside steamy cups of joe, serves a State Fair Caramel Apple Pie that would make any pie-baking grandmother proud.

UTAH: Gifford Homestead in Torrey

utah gifford homestead
Sandee L./ Yelp

If you like your pie with a side of incredible views, Gifford Homestead invites visitors to enjoy some 5-star homemade apple pie while marveling at some of Utah's most beautiful geological wonders. Yes, you read that right. Gifford Homestead is actually a historic farmhouse that is nestled along the famous Capitol Reef National Park and just so happens to also operate as a pie shop and living museum.

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VERMONT: Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury/slidetitle]
vermont cold hollow cider mill
Hannah S./ Yelp

Cold Hollow Cider Mill's homemade apple pies get their signature taste from McIntosh apples mixed with a unique blend of spices. If you can't make it out to the cider mill to try one of these dream pies, don't fret, you can always place an order for shipment through their website.

[slidetitle num=""]VIRGINIA: Proper Pie in Richmond

virginia proper pie
Carrie L./ Yelp

Don't miss the Almond, Rhubarb, and Apple Pie if it is on the evolving menu at Proper Pie in Richmond. The tanginess from rhubarb combined with the brightness from the fresh apples creates the perfect sweet treat. Reviewers also rave about the Blueberry Apple Pie, praising it for striking the perfect balance.

WASHINGTON: Pie Bar in Seattle

washington pie bar
Frank L./ Yelp

Pie Bar's Apple Crumb Pie gets its superbly sweet flavor from fresh Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, and a touch of molasses.

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WEST VIRGINIA: Apple Annie's in Morgantown

west virginia apple annies
Howard F./ Yelp

Apple Annie's lip-smackingly good apple pie is made using tons of flavor and texture which keep people coming back year after year.

WISCONSIN: The Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago

wisconsin elegant farmer
The Elegant Farmer/ Yelp

The Elegant Farmer has been whipping up some of the best desserts in Wisconsin for generations. One of their most talked-about offerings is their legendary Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag®, which is made using fresh Ida Red apples and a sweet sugar cookie-esque crust. We guarantee you have never experienced anything quite like it. (Hint: These exceptional pies are also available for shipping on Goldbelly, so no worries if you aren't close by!)

WYOMING:Cowboy Cafe in Dubois

wyoming cowboy cafe
Christina K./ Yelp

People near and far rave about Cowboy Cafe's stellar homemade pies. Be sure to order your pie à la mode to get the full experience.

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