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The Absolute Best Drink For Bloating, Says Dietitian

Beat back the bloat by sipping on this!

Bloating might just feel like a fact of life on some days. This feeling can seem inescapable, especially if you have a sugar-rich diet. According to Cleveland Clinic, one of the biggest factors that contribute to gas buildup in the gut stems from carbohydrates not getting digested properly. Typically, carbs get absorbed before they reach gut bacteria, but if you eat too fast or face particular GI tract disorders, more undigested sugars might make it further into your digestive tract than you'd like. If this happens, the sugars then start to ferment and break down, creating excess gas in the process.

Certain conditions might also encourage bloating. Some people face increased sensitivity to certain types of sugar. Those with lactose intolerance fall into this category and if they consume the wrong types of carbs, an excess amount of bloating may occur. On the other hand, those with IBS or visceral hypersensitivity may experience increased amounts of pressure and pain associated with bloating. Hormones also play a part in creating this condition, and estrogen particularly helps the body retain water and creates bloating pressure as a result.

Certain foods and drinks have a positive effect when it comes to relieving excess gas. Dandelion tea has been observed to help decrease water retention associated with this condition, while magnesium can calm stomach acid and act as a mild laxative. Probiotics also help balance out your gut biome, stimulating the digestive process, and regular exercise even helps decrease this issue. While these items can all contribute to a less painful lifestyle, we consulted a dietitian to learn about the one particular food that can always prevent some of the worst pain and side effects of bloating.

"Ginger is amazing for bloating," Sarah Curry, MS, RD said. "It relaxes the muscles in your gut so you don't feel as bloated. Muscle relaxation also allows gas to travel more freely through your GI system. People experience bloating because gas gets trapped by the muscles in your gut tightening up too much. A cup of ginger tea after a meal can help tame this tightening and reduce the bloat."

It should be noted that in clinical studies, researchers noted ginger's effect on relieving pressure through its active ingredients, like gingerols, per a study retrieved from the Journal of Chromatography. As such, you don't have to take ginger in the form of tea. You can potentially enjoy it as a spice, supplement, or any other kind of beverage.

This ingredient can do much more than just relieve bloating pressure. To learn the full story behind this food, check out Secret Side Effects of Eating Ginger and see if it is worth adding to your own diet.

Erich Barganier
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