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The #1 Best Drink That Crushes Sugar Cravings, Say Dietitians

This drink keeps you hydrated and gives you a dose of natural sweetness.
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One of the most frustrating moments that can happen when you're trying to eat healthier is when those intense sugar cravings pop up out of nowhere. Once you've set a goal to limit your consumption of sweets, you're bound to face cravings every now and then.

So the important question is, how do we fight these sugar cravings when they arise so we can stick to our goals of eating healthier? Well, according to a few expert dietitians, one of the best drinks you can stick to when you're feeling those pesky sugar cravings is fruit-infused water! 

woman pouring fruit water

Why we crave sugar

When choosing foods and drinks that can help with your sugar cravings, it's important to first understand where these cravings come from in the first place.

For one, eating a lot of added sugar will more than likely make you want more sugar. This is because your brain registers high-sugar foods as pleasurable, which makes you naturally crave more.

And according to registered dietitian nutritionist David Brendan, RDN, Marketing director, and Chief Designer of Start Rowing, another common reason for sugar cravings has to do with not drinking enough water. "When your body is craving starchy foods and carbs, it often really means that you are dehydrated as well," says Brendan.

How fruit-infused water can help

Fruit-infused water can help your sugar cravings in multiple ways. "For one, it can help reduce cravings because fruit contains natural sugar that can help to meet the need for something sweet without taking in added sugars," says Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD at Balance One Supplements.

And then of course, with the hydration aspect of things, drinking plenty of fruit-infused water can help. "Most adults, when properly hydrated, have been shown to have a decreased appetite, drastically reduced cravings, and even a smaller waistline," says Brendan.

The takeaway

If you're interested in trying fruit-infused water, you can use any of your favorite fruit! It may work best if you grab a large pitcher, fill it with water, add your fruit, and stick it in the refrigerator for a bit. For some recipe inspiration, you can check out 50 Best Detox Waters.

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