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The #1 Best Drinking Habit to Slim Down & Feel Amazing

It's all about timing.
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If you're looking for simple ways to feel more amazing every day, try switching up the way you drink. If you're tired of hearing of consuming more of a certain drink, you'll be glad to hear that drinking habits are not just about the types of drinks you consume; they're also related to the speed and timing you're taking in beverages.

While drinking water and staying hydrated remains essential for your body, maintaining special drinking habits can help you feel even more amazing. Drinking the right way reduces inflammation and minimizes the feeling of bloating, ultimately resulting in better health and more energy.

One key drinking habit that could help you lead a more healthy life lies within the timing of your first drink. For instance, having a cup of water or taking in any kind of hydration right after you wake up in the morning sets the tone for the day.

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"When we wake up, we've been on a hiatus from drinking fluids," says Libby Mills, RD and culinary nutritionist at Villanova University's MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education. "Getting hydrated first thing in the morning is a great way to stimulate the metabolism."

Without that cup of morning hydration, you might feel hunger or the sudden want for an energy boost, leading you to reach for foods that your body may not actually need. A study by researchers at Virginia Tech shows that for adults, having a cup of water 30 minutes ahead of breakfast reduces breakfast calorie intake.

In addition, another study from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that hydration increases metabolism speeds by over 20%, significantly reducing the feeling of bloatedness. Simply reaching for and consuming your choice of hydration in the morning can have many benefits for your body.

But it's not only about slimming down and feeling less bloated. Receiving that hydrating shot immediately after you wake up gives you a better mood throughout the day. Dehydration in the morning can often mean feelings of grogginess and tiredness. Simply putting together a hydration fix would help in avoiding that fatigue.

If staying hydrated in the morning sounds like a hard task, don't fret: your wake-up hydration routine can come in many forms.

If you're tired of still water, Mills suggests that there are many flavors and temperature variations available: herbal tea, seltzers, and fruit or vegetable-infused water. Many whole-grain breakfast foods, such as oatmeal or quinoa, can serve the same purpose.

To continue the trend of staying hydrated, keep a bottle or cup with volume markings just in reach as you work; this will help you easily keep track of your fluid intake and will remind you to consume more as you move through the day!

Daphne Yao
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