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The 3 Best Drinks to Speed Up Your Metabolism, According to Experts

Certified nutritionists say these drinks are the favorites to amplify your body's fat-burning capacity this summer.

It's summer, so you're staying hydrated… right? Great—and if slimming down is another health goal on your list, get ready to refill your cup. Two diet and nutrition pros have just listed the three best beverages to drink if you'd like to maximize your metabolism this summer.

Keep reading to learn the exact drinks that nutritionists say will help speed up your metabolism… and, on the flip side, don't miss The Worst Foods for Your Metabolism.

Start with a golden rule:

Stay hydrated. Tired fit woman in sportswear refreshing, drinking water after jogging in a green park on a sunny day

The simpler your sip selection, the better for your body. You already know this: Choosing drinks with sugar, sodium, and fat weigh down your system in ways that make it tougher to be toned. Also, if you have access to learn the ingredients of whatever you're drinking, seek out drinks with uncomplicated and easy-to-understand ingredients.

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You're probably not surprised that water is number one for your metabolism. The common understanding is often that water "flushes" fat from the body, but Serena Poon, CN, CHN goes a little deeper into the science. She told Parade that studies have shown that water can boost your body's energy spend and turn stored fat into fuel. On that note, we're thirsty!

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Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN, and the CEO of NY Nutrition Group, also told Parade what you've perhaps already heard: Caffeinated coffee is a stimulant that can increase your resting metabolic rate while also suppressing your appetite. Here's something interesting, too: That hungry feeling you might get after you've drunk coffee on an empty stomach might be your body telling you two things: That the caffeine is wearing off, and it really is time to eat.

Check out exactly how to take your coffee to optimize metabolism.

Green tea

green tea

The beauty of the all-natural. If you didn't read The #1 Best Tea to Drink, According to Dietitians, here's a spoiler, followed up with great insight: Green tea has been shown time and again to support the metabolic process. Moskovitz told Parade that green contains EGCG, a compound that's been shown to increase resting energy expenditure (that's the amount of calories you burn when your body is physically inactive).

Moskovitz added that green tea's antioxidants can also combat oxidative stress, which can slow down your metabolism over time.

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