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5 Best Eating Habits for Men Over 50

Celebrate Men's Health Month with these simple changes.

Men's health undergoes plenty of changes when they turn 50; their risk of issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer, and prostate cancer increase significantly. Because of this, it's important to make dietary changes that can protect and support your health.

Gastro MD, a clinical gastroenterology practice, recently released a report naming 5 of the best eating habits that can help improve men's health as they age. Continue reading to learn about their expert suggestions, and for more healthy aging tips check out The Worst Cheeses for Your Cholesterol.

Eat more vegetables

raw vegetables

Getting enough vegetables on a daily basis is important for your health in many different ways, especially for men over the age of 50.

"Vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, which boost cell health and prevent DNA damage. Orange-colored vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers are rich sources of vitamin C, lutein, and beta-carotene. These nutrients can play a role in reducing your risk of developing an enlarged prostate," says Gastro MD.

Limit your consumption of red meat

raw red meat before getting packaged

Red meat in moderation may be okay, but consuming it in larger quantities or on a consistent basis can lead to health complications for people over 50.

"Men who consume high amounts of fat, particularly from red meat and animal fat, are more likely to develop prostate cancer. The problem with high-fat food is that the increased testosterone production and high levels of testosterone can promote the growth of prostate cancer. Cut back on high-fat foods, especially red meat, and choose healthier protein alternatives such as turkey, chicken, fish, legumes, and nuts," according to Gastro MD.

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Limit how much alcohol you drink

Saying no to more alcohol

Alcohol is another item that should be limited as you age, especially for men who may be worried about their liver, colon, and prostate health.

According to Gastro MD, "If you are a heavy or persistent alcohol drinker, you could be harming your liver and contributing to low levels of testosterone. While reducing your alcohol intake helps, any alcohol you drink now may cause health risks in the future. The problem with alcohol is that it's not only high in calories, but it's also dehydrating. Alcohol also increases the risk of cancer in the prostate, liver, and colon."

Drink plenty of water

Pouring Glass of Water

Being healthy in your 50s isn't only about limiting certain items, though. It's also about adding the right foods and drinks that can help your body age in a healthy way. And the most crucial of these items is water.

"Studies have shown that while men generally drink more water than women, many still do not drink the daily required amount. Drinking enough water each day has many health benefits, including normalizing blood pressure, regulating body temperature, flushing bacteria from the bladder, and aiding digestion," says Gastro MD.

Eat a lot of fruit

fruit salad

Not only are vegetables important for getting the proper nutrients and minerals as you age, but fruit can be an excellent source for these as well.

"Health professionals cannot stress enough how beneficial fruits are to your diet. Fruits are rich sources of vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, which do everything, from promoting digestive health to boosting the immune system's ability to ward off free radicals that cause damage to the cells," according to Gastro MD.

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