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The #1 Best Food To Avoid Aging Skin, Says Science

This easy weeknight dinner will have you looking younger by the day.
FACT CHECKED BY Kiersten Hickman

If a miracle food could give us all the fountain of youth, it would be out of stock everywhere. While sadly there isn't a specific veggie, fruit, or meat source that can make us look ten years younger, our diets do impact our overall wellness and health. And yes, also on the texture of our skin. In general, it's essential to keep a lookout for foods that provide healthy fats, lean sources of protein, and tons of antioxidants, because all of these fulfill us from the inside out.

But, if there was one food that reigns over the others, it might be fatty fish.

salmon fillets on cutting board with skin

Fatty fish is an incredibly lean source of protein that packs in nutrient-dense benefits. Most notably, it's packed with omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to protect us against inflammation and oxidative stress, which could lead to heart disease and other ailments.

How does this help our complexion? Some studies have linked omega-3 fatty acids to create a stronger skin barrier that protects us from both internal and external threats. In other words: less swelling and bloating, fewer breakouts, and lines and wrinkles.

Fatty fish also have high rates of protein with the right kind of healthy fats. This encourages your body to produce elastin and collagen, both of which we lose with every lap around the sun.

In addition, because certain fatty fish are rich in selenium—the antioxidant that works to prevent skin damage from UV light—it also gives a layer of protection from hot summer days.

There are plenty of fatty fish delicacies to choose from, including:

  • Albacore Tuna
  • Atlantic Herring
  • Mussels
  • Anchovies
  • Swordfish
  • Sardines
  • Atlantic Mackerel
  • Trout
  • Alaska Pollock
  • Farmed and Wild Salmon

Though all of these are excellent examples of anti-aging foods, salmon may provide the most bang for your plate. It features a specific antioxidant called astaxanthin that creates the pink hue of its skin. When studied, those people who suffered from sun-damaged skin saw an improvement when they consumed astaxanthin and collagen. Their skin saw a difference in hydration and elasticity over 12 weeks, so adding salmon to your weekly dinner rotation schedule could be meaningful.

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