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Costco Shoppers Say These Are The "Best Wings" Money Can Buy

These wings are so good that fans don't even bother with takeout. There is, however, one small problem.

If you asked an everyday American consumer where to find the absolute best chicken wings, most would probably point you toward a hidden gem barbecue joint or some charmingly dilapidated dive bar. However, others would attest that the best wings that money can buy are actually located in the freezer section of a beloved grocery chain: Costco.

These highly praised wings are the Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Chicken Wings, a frozen product available in Classic Buffalo and Sweet Chipotle BBQ flavors. A warehouse in Queens, New York, listed a four-pound bag of the wings online for $23.49, though prices and availability may vary depending on the location.

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A Costco shopper set off a firestorm of rave reviews for the product this week after describing them on Reddit as the "best wings I ever bought." Though some frozen foods can get a bad rap for taste and quality, fellow Redditors and Costco customers said that these pre-cooked, frozen wings are even better than takeout when prepared right.

Best wings I ever bought.
by u/cdmaster245 in Costco

"Bought these for the first time for Super Bowl 2021. Absolutely ruined any and all takeout wings for us and we keep a rolling stash of them now if we're ever in the mood," a customer commented on the post.

"These in the air fryer beat delivery wings by a mile," another said.

Though many agreed that the wings themselves are stellar, a common complaint for the Classic Buffalo flavor option repeatedly surfaced alongside the praise. As one shopper put it: "Great wings, horrible sauce." Other customers also described the sauce as "meh" and even "god awful ."

Luckily, the wings come un-sauced so customers can either enjoy them plain or toss them with another sauce that delivers better flavor. For those who want to avoid the Foster Farms buffalo sauce packets but are still craving buffalo wings, shoppers suggested pairing them with a classic, fan-favorite option like Frank's RedHot. Customers also reported much better experiences with the "top tier" Sweet Chipotle BBQ sauce option.

These frozen chicken wings are only the latest Costco product to capture the love and attention of members. Customers have also been extolling a "delicious" and convenient gyro meal kit, as well as frozen dessert bars featuring boba and brown sugar.

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