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5 Eating Habits That Miles Teller Had To Look Ripped in Top Gun: Maverick

How about that beach scene?

Miles Teller has been in the acting business for over a decade, starring in movies like the remake of Footloose, the Divergent series, and Whiplash. However, his latest film, Top Gun: Maverick, has brought him alongside Tom Cruise for an epic role. It includes fighter jet action and the iconic beach scene, where a shirtless Teller is revealed and has been a hot topic of conversation ever since.

The 35-year-old demonstrated the impeccable physical shape he was in while filming this movie, and it includes an ample amount of working out as well as a strict diet. In a video interview with JOE, Miles Teller sheds light on what exactly he went through to drop jaws for this movie. Read on to feel inspired by Teller's eating habits. Then, check out more celebrity inspiration with Rebel Wilson Reveals Another Reason Behind Her 80-Pound Weight Loss.

Show up

woman checking fitness watch

Half of the battle with dieting is your mentality. It can be so easy to just give up. However, Teller stresses the importance of sticking to your goals.

"Really, a lot of it is just showing up," he says in the interview. "If you have all these people around you to help you, and you still don't do it, then you're just an idiot. Because you really have all these people dedicating their time to help you."

Teller used a nutritionist who would help tell him what to eat. Although not everyone can have a nutritionist tell them what to eat, there are other ways to stay motivated.

Cut out beer

Saying no to beer

Many celebrities have been known to cut alcohol from their daily intake, and Teller was one of them when trying to cut his body weight. When it comes to drinking beer, it has plenty of side effects that don't help your body remain in great shape.

Not only can you gain the classic "beer belly" from weight gain, but you could also constantly feel and look bloated. You can also be at risk of other issues such as getting sick or anxious more often, and you'll run the risk of poor sleeping habits or feel constantly sleepy throughout the day, which affects your overall performance and health.

No indulging


There was one point of Teller's movie prep where he had to bulk up and gain weight at 210 with 9% body fat.

For breakfast, he ate 6 eggs. He had a shake after working out and devoured 2 lunches that consisted of chicken breast, broccoli, and a full potato. He would then have a snack, and for dinner, he consumed 20 ounces of fish or steak.

However, to cut calories and get the "lean" look he needed, Miles Teller said he had to cut out foods. More specifically, pizza.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Tellers explains that the cast was celebrating the movie by indulging in some junk food. However, Cruise wanted to have the beach scene redone. He joked that he was "mid-eating pizza" when he got the call for the shirtless reshoot.

"That was a bad call to get," he jokes.

Be disciplined

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Another mentality-related eating habit Teller has is to be self-disciplined. It shows that hard work pays off in the long run.

"I like anything that requires a certain amount of discipline," he explains to JOE. "For me, when you look back on it, then you know you did everything possible to do it. Because if you start slacking off, then when you see the finished product, you know in the back of your head that there is something you could've done better. I don't enjoy that feeling."

This requires listening to his nutritionist and focusing on eating what he has to eat versus what he wishes he could eat.

Follow a Hugh Jackman regimen 

Hugh Jackman

This is not a sturdy method, and actors do not recommend doing this unless you're trying to look cut for a movie (professionally).

To look lean during the beach scene, Miles Teller got his weight down to 183 pounds and was at 7% body fat. He admitted to doing "everything that Hugh Jackman was doing in Wolverine."

Teller continues to tell JOE that the "trick of the trade" that people use to look lean is to cut water out of their bodies. He wanted to dehydrate himself, and then on the day of the set, sip sugar.

"When your body's deprived of sugar, sodium, and all these things, you drink a can of coke, and then all of a sudden your body tightens up, and you get this sort of vascular look."

Similarly, for the movie Logan, Jackman said during an interview on the Late Show that he upped his water intake to about three gallons a day before shooting. Then, 36 hours before he was required to appear on camera shirtless, he stopped drinking anything at all. A combination of this method and working out dropped 10 pounds of water weight.

However, Jackman stresses "don't do this at home."

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