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7 Energizing Exercises to Boost Your Endurance & Stamina

Learn how to take your performance to the next level!
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When it comes to building a good-looking and healthy body, mostly everyone focuses on their muscles and body fat. Sure, those are important, but there's something that's just as important, yet often overlooked: your endurance. We're here to help you make that one of your main focuses with seven of the most energizing exercises to increase your endurance and stamina.

Endurance and stamina are basically how long of a duration you can do a certain level of physical activity before you're exhausted. For example, you might be fine for the first few minutes, but if you get exhausted soon after, then your stamina isn't great. With better endurance, you'll be able to train harder and more frequently for better improvements. You'll also improve your cardiovascular system, upgrade your overall health, and feel more energized all day long.

Read on for seven great exercises to increase your endurance and stamina. They will help turn you into an athletic machine. Some of these you can do every day; others, do them a few times a week in the gym, and you'll see an improvement in no time. And when you're finished, don't miss out on The 6 Endurance Exercises You Should Be Doing After 60.



woman doing treadmill walk

Walking is, without a doubt, the easiest exercise to build your stamina and endurance. Walking every day improves your overall health, recovery, and aerobic fitness, which can indirectly boost your strength. To get more benefits, don't just go for a lazy stroll—walk with pace and speed. You can even wear a weighted vest for extra intensity and strength benefits.

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Traditional Cardio

woman riding boke

Steady-state, low-threshold aerobic training is the best way to build endurance. Why? Because it supercharges your aerobic system, which is the system that fuels you during low-intensity exercise and recharges you during high-intensity activity.

Aim for a heart rate between 135 to 150 bpm. Do this a few times each week for 30 to 60 minutes. Use a variety of movements like rowing, running, hiking, biking, and more.


Bear Crawls

bear crawl illustration

Crawls can improve strength and endurance throughout your entire body while boosting your conditioning and coordination. It's also super low-impact, which is great if you have some nagging niggles.

Get on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips; keep your knees an inch above the ground. Crawl forward by taking a small step with your right arm and left leg at the same time and alternate. Keep your hips low and your head up.

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Kettlebell Swings

woman doing kettlebell/weighted swings, concept of quick daily exercises to melt body fat

With kettlebells, you can pull, push, twist, and swing them like no other tool so you can boost your stamina, increase your strength and power, and get incredibly fit. But the biggest mistake—besides calling it a kettle "ball"—is using bad technique.

Start in a deadlift position with the kettlebell a few feet in front of you. Then, hike the kettlebell back between your legs like a center in football, and explosively drive your hips forward. Imagine propelling the kettlebell to a target in front of you. Keep your arms relaxed. Don't allow the kettlebell to go above the height of your shoulders.

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Sled Pushes

man doing sled push to shrink a big belly for good

These are incredible for endurance. It's kind of like walking or jogging against resistance—it builds serious strength endurance and explosiveness in your body, especially in your lower half.

If your gym has a sled and turf, start with light weights, and slowly work your way up. If you don't have a sled, use a treadmill. While the machine is off, grab the handles, and start "marching" by pushing the belt backward.



close-up farmers walk with dumbbells

Many people are only "strong" for a few sets before they fatigue. But to build strength that lasts for a long time, look no further than carries. They build serious muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness throughout your entire body. All you have to do is grab a weight, and get walking.

Try a farmer's carry, waiter's walk, or goblet carry variation. Maintain good posture and walk. Rest and repeat.

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Battle Ropes

middle-aged man outdoors demonstrating battle ropes workout to get rid of hanging belly fat

The last of the best energizing exercises to increase endurance and stamina is using battle ropes. While most conditioning exercises target your lower body, battle ropes make sure your upper body joins the party. They give you resistance as you work your arms and torso, and they come in all types of lengths and weights for whatever your situation. You can do them for longer durations, or turn them into an interval workout where you crank up your heart rate and then rest.

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