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The #1 Fat-busting Workout To Burn a Bulging Waistline, Trainer Reveals

Melt that bulging waistline with this productive routine.
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If you're looking to lose fat in your midsection, then strength training needs to be the main focus of your fitness routine. It's common to make the mistake of focusing only on aerobic exercise, along with crunches and sit-ups. If that's what you've been doing, we hate to break it to you, but that plan simply isn't enough to drop the excess weight. Don't fret, because we're here with the #1 fat-busting workout that will burn a bulging waistline. Get ready to achieve the results you desire!

A solid strength training regimen will help you build and maintain muscle, elevate your metabolism, and burn more calories than regular cardio. Strength training two to three times each week at a minimum is the name of the game, along with focusing on lifting heavier, performing more reps, or a combination of both. However, in order to burn fat and slim down your waistline, a solid type of training to include in your routine is complexes. A complex is a series of movements done back to back while using a barbell, pair of dumbbells, or kettlebells. The exercises are consistent compound movements, and because they're performed in a row, you will be challenged. This will elevate your heart rate and burn a ton of fat.

Here's a sample workout you can do to burn a bulging waistline. Perform each exercise back to back.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

trainer demonstrating dumbbell romanian deadlift to reverse aging
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

To perform the Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift, grab a pair of dumbbells, and position them in front of you. Keeping your chest tall and knees soft, push your hips back while dragging the weights down your thigh. Once you get a nice hamstring stretch in, drive your hips forward, squeezing your glutes to finish. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 8 reps.

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Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

bent-over dumbbell row
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

Let's get started with the Dumbbell Bent-Over Row. Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back, and bend your torso so that you're bent forward at least 45 degrees. Tighten your core, and row both dumbbells towards your hips, squeezing your lats at the end. Straighten your arms fully before performing another rep. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 8 reps.

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Dumbbell Push Press

dumbbell shoulder press
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

For the Dumbbell Push Press, grab a pair of dumbbells, and hold them up at shoulder height with your palms facing each other. Keep your core tight, and dip into a quarter squat. Explode up, using the momentum to press the weight up over your head. Lower with control back into the starting position before performing another rep. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 8 reps.

Dumbbell Walking Lunges

trainer doing dumbbell walking lunge
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

Start the Dumbbell Walking Lunge exercise with a dumbbell in each hand. Step forward with one leg, and firmly plant your foot on the floor. Then, lower yourself with control until your back knee gently touches the ground. Walk forward with the other leg, and repeat. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 8 reps for each leg.

Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.
Tim Liu, CSCS, is an online fitness and nutrition coach based in Los Angeles Read more about Tim