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Say Goodbye To Nearly Half of Chili's Menu

Although you might have to bid farewell to some of your favorite Tex-Mex fare, there is good news.

Ever noticed how long it takes to leaf through Chili's menu and settle on just one entrée? Well, Brinker International, the restaurant's parent company, has. And in response, the company has announced plans to pare down Chili's lengthy menu from 125 items to 75 beginning September 18.

"By eliminating 40 percent of our menu, we've reinvested in meatier burgers, ribs and fajitas—the items that we've always been known for," Kelli Valade, Chili's president, said in a statement. So what exactly constitutes "meatier?" The new menu's rib dishes will call for 30 percent more meat, in addition to Chili's enlarging their portions and improving recipes, all without hiking up prices!

When Chili's tested out the newly shrunken menu, Brinker president and CEO Wyman Roberts noticed that customers' checks became higher as a result of them ordering pricier picks like fajitas, combos, and ribs. Since the casual dining chain has recently experienced a decrease in net income, revenue, and same-store sales, this menu makeover may spell out good news for future profits. The restaurant has implemented "an aggressive marketing plan" for its menu, which Roberts believes "will be the catalyst for Chili's turnaround."

Unfortunately, we don't yet know exactly which 50 items are getting the boot. "Over the next week, Chili's will share more about what's going away and what's new," the company said in a statement Friday. But we do know that the chain is planning to nix burritos, enchiladas, flatbreads, and the Mango Chili Tilapia entrée, along with some Eat This-approved ingredients like quinoa and cauliflower. Something we're not sad to see go? The Crispy Asparagus appetizer, a deep-fried sharing-size app, which boasts a belly-ballooning 840 calories, 74 grams of fat (including 11 grams saturated fat and 0.5 trans fat!), and 1,260 milligrams of sodium.

If these are some of your go-to picks, Chili's offers their sympathy: "We apologize to any guest who misses a departed dish," Valade said. "But with this bold move we commit to all guests to do a better job of serving our famous food on every visit, in every restaurant."

We're just hoping these heftier lunch and dinner offerings don't land a spot on our list of The 50 Worst Restaurant Meals Of 2017!


April Benshosan
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