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How To Drop a Pants Size, According to People Who Have Done It

These tried-and-true tips may help you fit into your favorite jeans again.

Dropping a pants size to fit into your favorite jeans again may seem daunting and even far-fetched. However, people on TikTok have already been there and accomplished that goal and are sharing their go-to tips for success. From well-balanced meal planning to sticking with a calorie deficit to workouts that get the job done, these tried-and-true habits and success stories provide excellent starting points for slimming down your waistline.

Before we dive in, you may be wondering how much weight you can safely lose each week and month. "A safe and healthy weight loss is about one-half to two pounds a week and about eight to 10 pounds in a month," explain The Nutrition Twins®, Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, CFT, and Lyssie Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT, who sit on our Medical Expert Board. "If someone has a lot of weight to lose, they can lose a bit more than this, but typically this is the appropriate rate of weight loss to make it long term and so that you're not losing weight so quickly that it's mainly coming from lean muscle tissue and water."

It's also important to note that weight loss is unique to the individual. What works for one person may not be the best course of attack for another. Before starting any new diet or workout regimen, it's always wise to check in with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian.

Load up on fresh vegetables.

TikTok user Kick Weight With Keisha emphasizes the importance of consuming plenty of protein and fresh vegetables in every meal. In her video, Keisha notes she dropped almost 90 pounds in six months and melted 14 inches off her waistline.

The Nutrition Twins agree that prioritizing veggies is key—and you should eat them first. Crudité or steamed vegetables are ideal since nearly all veggies can be consumed in large amounts without hindering your weight-loss efforts and progress.

"The secret is to eat the veggies before the rest of the meal; it will take a major edge off hunger and leave less room for the heavier items that can contribute to weight gain while allowing you to get a lot of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants," The Nutrition Twins say. "Eating veggies at the beginning of the meal can also help to stabilize blood sugar, helping to prevent energy crashes that lead to sugar and refined carb cravings and binges as the body searches for the fastest energy surge it can get!"

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Don't forget about healthy fats.

avocados, concept of how many calories are in an avocado

Not all fats are bad! Healthy fats are beneficial additions to your diet, whether you're looking to drop a pants size or simply kickstart healthier habits.

TikToker Kick Weight With Keisha explains in her video, "You're going to add healthy fats to your foods. A couple of examples of that [include] eating avocados, cooking your food in avocado oil, MCT oil, sprinkle a little bit of oil over the top of your salads… different things like that."

Science backs up the power of healthy fats. One study discovered that individuals who used MCTs rather than olive oil as part of a weight-loss regimen dropped more weight. In addition, research shows that avocados (which are packed with healthy fats) can reduce feelings of hunger and boost satiety.

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Establish a calorie deficit.


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Another TikToker, Kaitlyn, says that sticking to a calorie deficit was (and still is) imperative in her weight-loss efforts. "I have dropped about 16 pants sizes exactly, and I'm still lowering my pants size," she explains in her video. "I went from a size XL in shirts to a size S/XS; same with my leggings—I went from a size XL/L to an XS/S. It's all about putting in the hard work and the dedication."

According to research, a low-calorie diet means consuming anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day; calorie deficits of 500 to 700 daily calories have been utilized and successful in weight-loss regimens. In fact, establishing a calorie deficit is key for long-term progress.

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Don't deprive yourself of "mindful" indulgences.


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TikToker Chloe Denny revealed she dropped "two jean sizes safely and enjoyed the process." She did so while still enjoying chocolate and other "junk foods." She wrote in her video, "Never deprive yourself [of] yummy foods."

The Nutrition Twins agree you shouldn't skip dessert or deprive yourself of a "mindful" indulgence. "Often, it's the people who set the loftiest goals for themselves who dive in wholeheartedly and cut out all of their favorite indulgences; however, [rarely,] this doesn't backfire," they explain. "Even if the goal is [only to do this] for a month, it's not easy and proves to be too restrictive for many people who throw in the towel altogether and end up overdoing it on the very food they were trying to avoid."

Rather than completely eliminating some of your favorite treats, The Nutrition Twins encourage you to enjoy a small, portion-controlled amount daily to satisfy cravings without veering off track. "The one caveat: If a specific food often triggers a binge for you, avoid that food altogether," they add.

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Focus on slow and steady cardio.

close-up trail running sneakers

Another tip from Denny? Work some cardio into your routine. Denny went jogging two times a week as part of her weight-loss journey. And the best part is, you don't have to overdo it!

"Slightly slower and steadier wins the cardio race," The Nutrition Twins tell us. "Yes, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is awesome and can be a great way to get in shape, but it can also set you up to fail, especially if you HIIT train every time you exercise."

Rather than starting out at an intense pace, The Nutrition Twins recommend performing HIIT on some days and longer, slower cardio workouts on other days. "[This] allows for variation at different intensity levels to maximize results," The Nutrition Twins point out. "Often people can't muster up the energy for HIIT, but they can get motivated to do a long brisk walk or slow jog, which is certainly much better than had they thrown the towel in altogether."

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