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Lose Weight Fast with These Healthy Fruits That Taste Like Candy

Fruit is often referred to as nature's candy. And now, California-based company Grapery is taking the nickname literally, producing black and green varieties that taste like childhood candy favorites.

Cotton Candy Grapes, just one of their sugar-inspired varieties, are an all-natural, healthy fruit that looks and smells like regular green grapes but tastes like the fluffy carnival treat. Through a partnership with International Fruit Genetics, a company that specializes in breeding stone fruits, grapes, and cherries, Grapery has cross-bred different varieties of grapes to create all-new varieties, including Cotton Candy Grapes and Gum Drops, a black grape that tastes as the name suggests.

SUPER Cotton Candy display at @Wegmans!! Thanks guys!!

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Though nutrition information for the Gum Drops is not currently available, gram for gram the Cotton Candy Grapes carry the same number of calories, sugar, carbs, and fiber as the traditional green fruit you're already eating, making them an ideal dessert alternative for those trying to lose weight. Want to get your hands on some? The grapes will be available at Whole Foods, Publix, Wegman's, and Sam's Club locations nationwide beginning in early to mid-August through mid-September. Be sure to set a reminder on your iCal so you don't miss out!

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