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2 Beloved Cookie-Flavored Cereals Are Finally Back in Stores

The cereal aisle just got more exciting.
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Calling all cookie lovers! Grab your milk of choice because two cookie-flavored cereals are hitting the shelves once again after being gone from stores for several years.

Food manufacturer Post Consumer Brands just brought back Mega Stuf Oreo O's and Chips Ahoy! Cereal, according to Allrecipes. Both products will be available at Walmart and other retailers for a limited time while supplies last, so you'll want to snag them soon.

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Drawing inspiration from the iconic chocolate sandwich cookie, the Oreo O's feature chocolaty "O"-shaped bites made with real Oreo cookie wafers, along with mini marshmallows. The Chips Ahoy! Cereal consists of crispy chocolate chip cookie bites. Both cereals are made with corn and oat flour and appear to only be available in big, family-size boxes.

Mega Stuf Oreo O's Cereal
Post Consumer Brands

Oreo O's first launched in 1998 and were discontinued in 2007. Ten years later, Post Consumer brands revived the product, which doesn't feature mini marshmallows like the Mega Stuf version. The upgraded Oreo-flavored cereal rolled out in 2019 and was only available through 2020, according to Allrecipes. Chips Ahoy! Cereal first debuted in 2017 only to be discontinued in 2018.

Chips Ahoy! Cereal
Post Consumer Brands


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Mega Stuf Oreo O's aren't the only new Oreo-flavored products that recently hit store shelves. The Mondelēz-owned cookie brand recently teamed up with Betty Crocker for the launch of a new baking line, which features four baking mixes and one frosting.

Made with real Oreo pieces, the baking mix options include Oreo Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Lava Cake, and White Cake. The frosting will be Oreo creme-flavored. Both the mixes and the frosting will be shipped to retailers nationwide on Jan. 22.

In addition to the cereal relaunch and baking line collaboration, Oreo also released three new cookie flavors this month. The new additions include Gluten-Free Golden Oreos, Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters, and Black & White Cookie Oreos. The Gluten-Free Golden Oreos and Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters are now permanent offerings, while the Black & White Cookie Oreos are only available for a limited time.

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