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This is the Least Favorite Fast-Food Chain in America

Do you agree with your state's choice?

The country has spoken and revealed the most "hated" fast-food restaurant. Although each state has its own, one is a clear loser—people in 15 states say they can't stand one burger chain more than any other.

Burger King topped the list as the least favorite fast-food chain. Data was pulled from over 180,000 negative geotagged tweets on Twitter and put into a map, one local Utah news station 2KUTV says. From Maine to North Carolina, Louisiana, California, North Dakota, Iowa, and even Hawaii, people's distaste for the fast-food burger chain is definitely spread throughout the country. (Perhaps Burger King should consider following some of the 8 major upgrades McDonald's is making.)

The runner-up for the least favorite fast-food chain in the Twittersphere is McDonald's with 11 states calling it the worst. People in nine states from east to west say they hate Taco Bell the most, and five states—including Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico— say Wendy's is the worst. KFC and Arby's tied at four states each. Arizona residents hate the Tiny Tacos at Jack in the Box, and Ohioans hate sliders from White Castle, according to a map of the data made by food blog, The Daring Kitchen.

Other chains people hate include Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Subway, Popeyes, and more, but none see animosity quite like Burger King. You won't find a lot of McDonald's fans in the Northwest, but you may along the East Coast. To find out exactly how your state voted, you can find the full map here.

Even though Burger King lets you have it your way and they just added their own $1 menu, items like the Triple Whopper with Cheese, Bacon King Sandwich, BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and others are ones to avoid for the sake of your health. For more on this, read up on the unhealthiest foods at Burger King.

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Amanda McDonald
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