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The Most Popular Way to Eat an Egg in Every State

We may be the United States of America, but each state definitely has its own way of enjoying this quintessential breakfast food staple.

Eggs are one of the best, easiest, and cheapest superfood available. At just $2-$3 a carton, they pack a whopping 7 grams of protein for just 85 calories per egg. And aside from being a good source of muscle-building protein, eggs can give you energy, improve your complexion, and help you lose weight.

OK, so you know they're good for you. But how do you like them served? Some people are frittata fanatics while others are die-hard egg sandwich lovers. Although there are healthier ways to enjoy eggs — in an omelet with fresh veggies is a little better than, say, a greasy breakfast sandwich — you're still getting the protein and essential micronutrients no matter how you make an egg.

So we set out on a mission to find out how each state likes its eggs. With help from our friends at Yelp, we found out the number one way people enjoy their eggs from their favorite breakfast joint. And the results completely surprised us, much like the 12 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Eggs.

How we gathered the data

We tapped our friends at Yelp to help us discover what people from each state order alongside their bacon and toast. Yelp scanned all the types of egg dishes that were mentioned in its reviews in all 50 states. They looked for the egg type that was most disproportionately popular among Yelp users in each state compared to the U.S. overall. Analysts focused on a few keywords for eggs: egg sandwich, fried egg, huevos rancheros, omelet, frittata, scrambled eggs.

The results

Of all 50 states, omelets was most popular, ranking highest in 27 states including Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Michigan. The second most popular was huevos rancheros topping the list of nine states including New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Fried eggs were most popular in eight states such as Missouri, Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee. Egg sandwiches, while delicious and sometimes Eat This! -approved, were only popular in two states: New York and Vermont. Looks like egg sandwiches are just an East Coast thing, while fried eggs are a popular Southern dish.

No matter how you enjoy your eggs — fancy frittata like Oregon or scrambled like West Virginia — you can still reap the health benefits from this all-natural protein-packed food. And while eggs can help you slim down all on their own, don't forget the 8 Foods to Add to Your Eggs to Lose Weight.


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