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7 Most Underrated Fast-Food Desserts You've Got to Try

These menu options are so worth the sugar rush.

A trip to your favorite fast-food restaurant is never complete without a sweet treat. It's all about that sweet and savory combination, after all!

By now, you likely know just how overwhelming fast-food menus can be. There are tons of options, and naturally, some fast-food options are better-tasting than others. You don't want to end up choosing a dessert that is a letdown. A sad sweet treat isn't all that, well, sweet.

Have no fear, as we're here to help you out. We rounded up the most underrated fast-food desserts that you just need to try at least once. Keep in mind, these desserts are (not surprisingly) loaded up with sugar. So you'll want to just indulge in these once in a while.

Here's a breakdown of the most underrated fast-food desserts. And for more sugary fun, uncover these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae

mcdonalds hot fudge sundae
Courtesy of McDonald's

We know, we know—the McFlurry is the legendary ice-cream-based option that is the star of McDonald's dessert menu. But you don't want to overlook the Hot Fudge Sundae. Creamy vanilla soft serve is smothered in chocolaty hot fudge—it's a classic for a reason! It's a no-frills, yet super delicious choice.

Wendy's Sugar Cookie

wendys sugar cookie
Courtesy of Wendy's


You might not have known this, but at Wendy's, you can feast on this classic cookie. You can never really go with a sugar cookie, even at Wendy's. Sure, the chocolate Frosty is the best, but if you're in the mood for something different, try this treat.

Arby's Apple Turnover

arbys apple turnover
Courtesy of Arby's

Instead of sipping on a Jamocha shake, go for Arby's apple turnover. A flaky pastry loaded with an apple filling and drizzled with cream? Yes, please.

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White Castle Fudge Dipped Brownie

white castle fudge dipped brownie on a stick
Courtesy of White Castle

If you're looking for something sweet to eat alongside White Castle's signature sliders, this is it. A chocolate brownie is loaded with chocolate chips and is then dipped in chocolatey fudge. Oh, and it's on a stick. So it's beyond easy to eat!

Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists

taco bell cinnamon twists
Taco Bell

What pairs well with a taco? None other than Taco Bell's cinnamon twists. They're crispy, puffed corn twists that happen to be sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Essentially, they're like mini churros!

Popeyes Strawberry & Cream Cheese Pie

popeyes strawberry cream cheese pie
Courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes might whip up the tastiest chicken sandwich, but don't ignore the dessert options. If you've ever wondered how the pies taste, specifically, just know they're simply delicious. Seriously! Go ahead and order the strawberry and cream cheese option next time—you won't regret it.

Bojangles Sweet Potato Pie

bojangles sweet potato pie

Sweet potato pie is a Southern food staple. And at Bojangle's, you can enjoy a hot, pastry-covered version of the dish. It's a must!

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