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ALDI Just Won A Major Award For These 7 Beloved Foods

Run to your nearest ALDI—you're going to want to grab these winning items ASAP.

Since arriving in the U.S. back in 1976, the German-founded grocery chain ALDI has grown its American presence to more than 2,000 stores across 36 states (and it plans to open 150 more by the end of the year). It's beloved to many shoppers for its diverse product selection, amazing discount prices, and weekly ALDI deals. 

Now, the popular grocery chain is topping the charts with a whopping seven winning products in the 2022 Product of the Year Awards, which were just announced this morning by Product of the Year USA, the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. 

ALDI products took the lead in seven different categories: alcoholic beverages, bakery, breakfast, cheese, convenience meals, dips & condiments, and salty snacks. The results were gathered by a national survey of 40,000 American shoppers conducted by global consumer research firm Kantar. 

Mike Nolan, the global CEO of Product of the Year management, said the results of the survey can serve as a guide to best-in-class products—and luckily for ALDI shoppers, the store can be a one-stop shop for some of the country's top picks. 

"Given the continued flux and uncertainty over the past two years, we're prouder than ever to provide consumers with the vote of 40,000 fellow shoppers as a guide they can trust when making important purchase decisions for themselves and their families," Nolan said in a statement. "One of the great strengths of Product of the Year is that we champion manufacturers for putting forward products that reflect the latest trends and offer consumers the solutions they're looking for."

Read on to see which ALDI picks won the 2022 Product of The Year Awards, then check out 6 Things You'll See at Costco This Year.

Peaks and Tides Pinot Noir

peaks & tides pinot noir
Courtesy of ALDI

Available at ALDI for just $12.99, this red wine is crafted from grapes sourced in Sonoma County, California. Described as "silky" on the bottle, this Pinot Noir pairs well with truffle risotto, beef tenderloin with mushrooms, or thyme and goat cheese potatoes. Rounding in at 13.9% alcohol, this wine takes the 2022 win for best alcoholic beverage. 

L'oven Fresh Garlic Knots

l'oven fresh garlic knots
Courtesy of ALDI

Voted best bakery item overall, these $3.19 ALDI garlic knots are easy to make as you can bake them right in the packaging. These naturally-flavored knots are a perfect snack on their own or can be served up alongside your favorite Italian dish. Made with savory garlic and butter, this award-winning bakery item is reminiscent of your favorite pizzeria side

Brioche and French Toast Bagels

specifically selected maple french toast bagels
Courtesy of ALDI

There's nothing like a good bagel—and ALDI takes the cake when it comes to this category. Offered in two flavors, Brioche and French Toast, these bagels also won the 2021 ALDI Fan Favorite award, according to the grocery chain. Brioche would be perfectly-paired with some peanut butter spread and banana slices, or opt for a more savory option with the maple-infused French Toast variety. They average at $3.19 per 17.5-ounce bag.

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Emporium Selection Cracker Cuts

emporium selection cracker cuts extra sharp cheddar cheese
Courtesy of ALDI

Pre-sliced and ready to serve, these cuts are available in extra sharp white cheddar, gouda, and extra sharp yellow cheddar. These packaged cheeses are perfect for crafting the charcuterie board of your dreams, or for simply snackin' with some crackers. Either way, you can find these award-winning packs in your ALDI dairy aisle for around $3.85.

Park Street Deli Hawaiian or Coconut Thai Chicken

park street-deli hawaiian-style chicken
Courtesy of ALDI

Sometimes, you just don't have the time to cook. That's when these award-winning convenience meals come in. Available in Hawaiian Style Chicken or Tangy Thai Coconut, these pre-cooked, heat-and-serve meals come in 16-ounce containers and run around $7.69 each. They would make the perfect combination with a fried rice of your choice!

Park Street Deli Mexicali and Street Corn Dip

park street deli mexicali dip
Courtesy of ALDI

Looking for the perfect dip for your cut veggies or tortilla chips? ALDI may just have your next new favorite. The dip comes in two flavors: Mexicali and Street Corn. The Mexicali dip consists of various peppers and onions, spices, sour cream, and cheese. On the flip side, the Street Corn variety consists of fire roasted corn, cilantro, spices, and various cheeses. Each 10-ounce tub retails for about $3.65.

Clancy's Pub Style Pretzels

clandy's pub-style pretzels
Courtesy of ALDI

If you're a die-hard Rold Gold pretzel fan, ALDI pretzels may just be a stark contender. These pub-style pretzels are seasoned with garlic and onion, making for a flavorful twist to the traditional salty snack food. These pretzels took the win in the salty snack category—and at an average price of around $2.19 per 12-ounce bag, you can't beat the value.

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