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The #1 Best Supplement for Memory Loss, Says New Study

It can help support a healthy gut—and a healthy brain.
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Although it may be surprising to some, your brain health is greatly impacted by your gut. In fact, changes in your gut microbiome have been known to not only lead to behavioral changes but can alter cognitive health as well. Because probiotic supplementation has been known to have some positive benefits on the gut microbiome, many researchers have begun to see if this supplement may also be used to improve cognition.

A UK research center from the University of Reading recently published a report in Neuroscience & Behavioral Reviews that covered a total of 30 studies on the connection between taking probiotics and cognitive function.

The overall findings were positive, and the researchers concluded that supplementing probiotics can have a significant impact on slowing cognitive decline in adults, but had little significance on cognition in infants and children.

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In adults with early or mild instances of cognitive impairment, regular consumption of probiotics was shown to improve both memory and attention scores on mental exams.

The report covered another study that showed probiotic supplements to help with executive functioning and information processing in adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Although the gathered findings of this report show promising results for future research on the connection between probiotics and brain health, some experts are expressing a need for further research on the topic.

"This seems to be a safe approach in middle-aged and older adults," says Dr. Vernon Williams, director of the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at the Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute, to Medical News Today about the recent report. "I don't think anyone is saying that probiotics will cure cognitive dysfunction in and of themselves, but they may provide a significant piece of the puzzle and may be significant, in terms of their contribution to improving these kinds of symptoms."

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