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The #1 Best Supplement to Reduce Inflammation, Say Experts

Six supplements that help get rid of inflammation. 
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Inflammation is vital in helping our immune system protect us from sickness and infection, but when our body produces too much it can be harmful to our health and cause major issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and more. Inflammation can be painful, but there are supplements that ease the discomfort according to health experts we spoke with. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID.


Powdered Olive Leaf Tea

Steep loose leaf tea in a cup

Scott Keatley, RD CDN shares, "Contained within the leaves of the olive tree are antioxidants such as oleuapien and hydroxytyrosol. These antioxidants are able to reduce the ability of environmental and food based carcinogens from attacking cells, which triggers an inflammatory response. There is as much antioxidant in 10 grams of powdered olive leaves as there is in about 230 gallons of olive oil."  




Lisa Richards, a nutritionist and author of the Candida Diet explains, "Turmeric is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory compound. This characteristic makes it effective in reducing chronic pain, mitigating joint pain, and helping to improve the quality of life for individuals with various forms of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions."



ginger root

Daniel Powers, MS with The Botanical Institute states, "Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. A clinical trial showed that ginger significantly reduced the levels of TNF alpha (a biomarker for inflammation) and Malondialdehyde (a marker for oxidative stress) in comparison to baseline. Further research shows that two constituents in ginger, known as gingerol and shogaol, appear to be the main cause of ginger's anti-inflammatory effects." 




Powers says, "Boswellia, alternatively known as Indian Frankincense, is a resinous exude that's been used to reduce inflammation for millennia.  A recent clinical trial showed that Boswellia extract helped to reduce inflammation and pain in individuals with osteoarthritis. This study also showed that boswellia helped to increase knee mobility, which is thought to be due to its ability to reduce inflammatory proteins. Researchers believe that boswellia's anti-inflammatory effects may be attributed to the boswellic acids found in the plant."


Omega 3

omega 3 supplement

Kent Probst, personal trainer, kinesiotherapist and bodybuilder with Long Healthy Life says, "The benefits of essential omega-3 fatty acids, or fish oil, cannot be understated. They are best known for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation naturally increases with age, and many diet and lifestyle factors can also unknowingly increase inflammation in your body, potentially contributing to age-related diseases."

Richards adds, "This essential fatty acid is anti-inflammatory and found in fish and others that are not consumed in large enough quantities in the standard American diet. Therefore, adding omega-3 as a supplement can improve muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation from an overactive immune system."




According to Probst, "Curcumin inhibits the activity of molecular signals responsible for inflammation, the destruction of cartilage and the excessive growth of blood vessels related to inflamed joints. Curcumin was found to significantly improve and control the disease progression and symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis." And to protect your life and the lives of others, don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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