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Costco Just Added These 5 New Grocery Items to Its Website

What brand-new bulk items are members buying today?

In the midst of shifting seasons comes along changing stock items, and Costco is no stranger to adding and removing new items from its inventory. From greenery to groceries, there are always new products from every category that appeals to the warehouse chain's 105+ million members worldwide.

Costco's "What's New" section lists several products on its website that are now available for purchase. Check out these five items to see what's hot off the presses.

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Rastelli's Antibiotic-Free Turkey Breast Roast Turkey Dinner, Serves 8-10

costco roast turkey dinner

Just in time for the holidays, this dinner set has everything you'll need to entertain hungry guests. Described as a "meal in a box", you won't need to go far for all of the Thanksgiving essentials, some of which are facing shortages right now. Members can skip the hassle of running back and forth to the store after missing that one ingredient. This collection is complete with everything from a pre-seasoned turkey breast down to the classic pumpkin pie.

DaVinci Gourmet Pumpkin Pie Sauce, 64 oz

costco pumpkin pie sauce

In the season of harvest, flavors like pumpkin spice are in full abundance. While this festive delight may be considered seasonal, it isn't just enjoyed during the fall, but year-round! Often paired with drinks and desserts like milkshakes, coffee, or as an ice cream topping, there are no limits for this sweet treat. In addition to the 64-ounce pumpkin flavor, the warehouse chain also offers this gourmet sauce in its popular caramel flavor.

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Mary Macleod's Assorted Shortbread Cookies

mary macleod shortbread cookies

It's hard not to keep your hand out of the cookie jar with this assortment of shortbread cookies. With 65 shortbread cookies inside each jar, it's nearly impossible to pick just one flavor to satisfy that sweet tooth. Luckily, members don't have to choose between The Classic Shortbread, Chocolate Crunch Shortbread, or Dutch Chocolate Shortbread since they all come in this variety pack. For those watching what they eat, each cookie stands at 100 calories.

Big Train Dairy Free Horchata Blended Creme Drink Mix, 3.5 lbs

costco horchata

Often crowned by websites as "The Best Mexican Drink", shoppers can recreate the traditional beverage right at home time and time again with this 3.5-pound drink mix pack. Made with Kosher Dairy, the contents of the package also contain the Blended Creme Drink Mix, Dairy Free Horchata, and a scoop. The mix can be served either hot, iced, or even blended to make the perfect beverage for any occasion. The package retails for just under $22.

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Rachael Ray 12-piece Mixing Bowl Set

rachael ray mixing bowls

Rachel Ray is known for whipping up fun recipes in the kitchen. And now Costco will cater to both fans and cooks alike with this mixing bowl collection. Bowls, cups, and spatulas are only a small sample of the tools that are available in this set. According to Costco, "…these durable melamine meal prep bowls have built-in handles and pour spouts to easily manage a variety of different ingredients." This set is now available for purchase on Costco's website for just under $50.

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