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Costco Members Say These 5 New Foods Are "Very Difficult Not to Eat"

Fresh grocery inspiration for your week.

The close of the weekend was huge for Costco members jumping on social media to share the groceries they were most excited to discover. Some are suggesting these products could become fast favorites in your house (while several commenters agree). We've got a fun new list for you to peruse before your next Costco haul.

Monday morning, we turned to the Costco community on Reddit to round up the Costco gems that follow. Before you start making your list, sign up for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter for food and grocery buzz delivered daily.

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Fannie May S'Mores Snack Mix

Fannie May S'mores Snack Mix
Courtesy of Costco

If you follow us regularly, you might be aware this is a Costco buy that comes up on these lists often. "S'mores Snack Mix; Beware: Very Difficult Not to Eat," said Redditor u/jaybedia on Sunday.

Meanwhile, u/mikepie499 was one commenter who concurred, saying, "Yeah I can't buy this again lol. So hard to stop eating!"

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Bavarian Meats Seattle Style Smoked Sausage

grilling sausages

Sausages with cream cheese, bacon, and jalapeño? U/buoyblaster, who appears to live in Costco's home state of Washington, shared: "If you live in Washington and need to up your caloric intake, this is a great way to do it. Mild spice, great flavor."

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Sukhi's Samosas

U/RampantSavagery shared Sukhi's samosas Sunday, adding simply: "Delicious!"

As if you needed a nudge to enjoy some Indian food? It may actually improve your mood—read Top 5 Takeout Food Orders That Increase Happiness, Says New Research.

West Coast Wild Foods Wild Golden Chanterelles

Here's a caption for persuasion, courtesy of u/falafelandfries on Sunday: "Perhaps my favorite costco find EVER — fresh chanterelles for $11.99/lb. I pay $40/lb at the farmers market."

We're not here to dis the farmer's market… but another reason to consider grabbing a pack of these if you find them for a good deal? Mushrooms pack a lot of vitamin D—read more in Simple Ways to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency, Say Experts.

The New Costco Cupcake Flavor

costco bakery

It's true: Sunday morning, word broke that Costco's started pulling a fresh cupcake flavor out of the oven. The buzz has been swiftly building since we discovered the news—get the Costco cupcake scoop here.

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