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The Best No-Bake Halloween Cookie Kits at Costco, Target, and Walmart

Get right to the best part of making sugar cookies—decorating them!

The best part of Halloween is letting kids' imaginations run wild as they transform into different characters and enjoy sweet treats with their friends. But why should the fun begin and end with trick-or-treating? If you've never built a candy-coated haunted house or decorated eerily shaped sugar cookies with your family, then it's time to try something new this spooky season.

Fear not if you're afraid that you won't be able to perfectly bake a dozen or so cookies for your little ones to decorate. Costco, Target, and Walmart all sell Halloween-themed cookie kits with pre-baked cookies and everything you need to get right to the best part of making sugar cookies—decorating them!

With themes to attract every age group and imagination—there's no rule that says adults can't partake in the fun!—these kits may very well become an essential party of your Halloween gatherings in the years to come. Take a look at our top picks, then let the wild rumpus begin! (Related: Before you go, don't forget to check out The #1 Worst Treat You Can Give Out On Halloween.)


Bakery Bling Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit – 2-pack

Courtesy of Costco

This stunning kit comes with 32 pre-baked cookies, tubes of orange and white frosting, glittery sugar, and edible decorations to create adorable blingy pumpkins and gorgeous ghosts. Step-by-step instructions move you and little ghouls seamlessly through the process.

$32.99 at Costco
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Halloween Tootsie Haunted Cookie House Kit

Courtesy of Walmart

This haunted cookie house is easy to assemble since it comes with pre-baked panels and pre-mixed icing. Then you can take the design to the next level with the Dots, Dubble Bubble gumballs, and Tootsie candy. FYI: Reviewers say you may need to use extra candy from your pantry—there allegedly isn't enough in the box—and beware of broken pieces.

$24.99 at Walmart
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Halloween Haunted Manor Chocolate Cookie Kit

Courtesy of Target

This kit from Target has everything you need to create a complete haunted manor scene out of cookies. It comes with pre-baked chocolate sugar cookies, multiple colors of icing, and candy to decorate your creation.

$9.99 at Target
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Bakery Bling Haunted Mansion Designer Chocolate Kit

Courtesy of Walmart

Make your haunted house shine with this blinged-out kit from Walmart. It includes pre-baked chocolate cookies, icing, glittery sugar, and adorable decorations like witch feet, eyes, and bats.

$13.98 at Walmart
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OREO Graveyard Cookie Decorating Kit

Courtesy of Walmart

This amazing cookie kit helps your kids build an edible graveyard. It comes with pre-baked chocolate cookies, mini Oreos, pre-made icings, and candy.

To build the graveyard, spread the frosting on the included white base and use the cookie stands and the frosting to prop the pieces up. After it's assembled, kids can swoop in to bring the spooky scene to life by using the decorations in the box, as well as any extra candy on hand.

$31.14 at Walmart
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Halloween Ready to Decorate Scaredy Cat Kit

Courtesy of Target

This kit is super easy to put together, but it nevertheless makes an edible statement. When you're done creating a haunted feline masterpiece with the candy, icing, and sanding sugar, simply pop the cookie legs and tail on the kitty. Bonus: These kits only cost $7.99, so you can pick up one for every kid that's coming to your Halloween party.

$7.99 at Target
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Halloween Ghost Hollow Cookie Kit

Courtesy of Target

This kit has the tools you need to construct a miniature haunted town out of pre-baked sugar cookies. It includes decorative candies and multiple colors of frosting to paint the town.

$9.99 at Target
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Frankenstein Rice Crispy Treats Kit

Courtesy of Target

Fact: Everyone loves rice cereal treats! This kit includes everything you need to make individual Frankenstein treats on sticks, minus the butter. Kids can decorate their little green monsters with the included icing, sugar, and spooky eyes.

$6.00 at Target
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Wilton Disney Pre-Baked Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit

Courtesy of Walmart

This kit includes eight Mickey Mouse-shaped cookies, three tubes of colored frosting, assorted decorating candy, and even fondant! You don't have to turn on the oven to bake anything, but your kids can still let their imaginations run wild.

$9.98 at Walmart
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Halloween Color-A-Treat Cookie Kit Pails

Courtesy of Walmart

If you're in a crunch, this kit is a true time-saver. Pick up one of these pails of pre-baked cookies, and let your kids or guests color them in with the four edible markers. Best of all? No frosting means less of a mess to clean up!

$9.98 at Walmart
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