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Costco "Finally" Has These 6 Popular Products on Sale, Say Members

How long have you been waiting to sink your teeth into these hot finds?

Costco members scored some truly buzz-worthy groceries in recent days, and they couldn't help but spread the word on social media. From their repeated use of the word finally, it sounds like fans had been waiting for quite a while to sink their teeth into some of these beloved items.

In spite of the anticipation, not all of the reviews turned out to be positive ones. To help you navigate your next shopping trip, we compiled a list of six popular products that you can "finally" buy at your local Costco, and we included if other members feel they deserve a pass. (Related: 5 Beloved Items That Have Vanished From Costco Shelves)

Zevia Zero-Calorie Beverages

"They finally sell Zevia!" u/rumination_station announced on Reddit. "Been having to get it online."

Others said Zevia was already available at Sprouts, though it sounds like Costco has cheaper prices.

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Kirkland Signature Premium Small Batch Bourbon

"My local store finally got Kirkland Bourbon in," Michigan's u/jayqwellan revealed over the weekend. The post already has 30 comments and counting.

Weighing in with a review was u/face1828. "It is good, but not great," the said. "Yes, it is a full 1L and decent price, but honestly I think Buffalo Trace is better for the money."

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Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese Bold & Cheesy

Courtesy of Cheetos

The new Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese was in stock at some Costco locations over the weekend, according to an Instagram post by @CostcoDeals. However, the early hot takes on this version of macaroni and cheese didn't appear to be overwhelmingly positive. One commenter said, "I feel sick just looking at it." Another added, "Mac and cheese is my favorite food. I took one bite of this and spit it out. It is absolutely terrible."

At first glance, we counted more than 25 ingredients listed on the label. Plus, one serving has 27% of your daily recommended sodium intake. Instead, try making our Healthier Mac and Cheese recipe. You can't go wrong with Greek yogurt mixed in to bring all the creaminess.

Barnana Organic Ridge Cut Plantain Chips

Courtesy of Barnana

The label on these kettle-cooked plantain chips made with coconut oil lists all-natural ingredients. However, 14 chips have 6 grams of saturated fat, or 30% of your recommended daily value.

U/happycroissant said, "These are so addictive! My favorite chip at Costco." But the reviews were mixed, as other commenters responded with descriptions ranging from "meh" to "terrible."

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Costco Churros


Costco's churros are finally back at the food court, but the reviews aren't glowing. U/Aubreyfb said they were "not a fan" of the bigger, more expensive pastry. They described the new version as "half normal and half like wheat or something."

Other members chimed in to echo the same sentiment. "They are different and they are worse," said u/moch1. "It's not just you."

Costco Mini All-American Cakes

According to this post from u/tmiw, Costco recently rolled out a "mini" version of its All American Cake after it seemingly vanished. After another shopper spotted this, they pledged to make a stop for these at the store on their way home from work.

The Costco wish-list is never-ending—check out 4 Costco Bakery Items Customers Want in the Food Court. And to get all the latest Costco food court news delivered right to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter!

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