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Walmart Just Dropped This COVID Policy

The chain announced the new guidelines in a memo to staff.

When it comes to shopping safely, there are so many things to consider in the days of COVID-19.

When the pandemic first began in March 2020, masking up was the required protocol in most states—but now, Walmart has lifted its restrictions on the practice for certain people. 

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Right now, Walmart will not be requiring its vaccinated employees to wear masks while at work, unless required by local or state government. Walmart announced the new guidelines in a memo to staff on Friday, according to The New York Times.

Employees unvaccinated from COVID-19, and those who work in the pharmacy, will be required to keep wearing a mask while at work. 

With this announcement also comes a change in Walmart's sick pay policy. Unless required by state or local government, the emergency sick pay policy the company had put in place for COVID-19 will end on March 31.  

The supermarket chain, which employs about 1.6 million Americans, was among the first private employers at the start of the pandemic to require its employees to wear masks. For several months last spring, the company eased restrictions for vaccinated workers and shoppers before reimposing it when the Delta variant came about. 

In December, as new Omicron cases began to surge, Walmart again required masks for all workers. Now, as many local and state governments begin to reanalyze their requirements, more stores may be following suit.

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