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The #1 Best Drink to Soothe Your Sunburn, Expert Says

A Cleveland Clinic dermatologist says it's essential for relief, with an extra tip for maximum benefit.

If you just searched for something along the lines of Ways to calm sunburn, then chances are, you need relief fast. Take a deep breath: You're in luck. In addition to the topical solutions you may try, a Cleveland Clinic dermatologist says there's one particular beverage you can drink down fast to soothe your sunburn. We explain why it's so beneficial.

Click through to learn the best drink to soothe sunburn, according to Melissa Piliang, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Also, don't miss One Major Side Effect of Drinking Lemon Water, Says Dietitian.



For your sunburn's sake, we won't delay: Piliang says that after a sunburn, drinking water is crucial. The American Academy of Dermatology Association says that's because when you're sunburned, your skin draws fluid away from the rest of your body—all part of the body's natural mechanism to self-generate relief and healing and to prevent dryness and peeling.

As your sunburned skin saps water from the rest of the body, it can lead to dehydration. That's why supplying your body with plenty of water may aid in keeping the skin moist to avoid peeling, scarring, and other permanent damage.

There are more drinks to deliver hydration after a sunburn, too—check out Best Supplements to Keep You Hydrated, According to Dietitians, and keep reading…

Drinks with Electrolytes

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Piliang says sports drinks with electrolytes can help deliver hydration after a sunburn. Curious how that is? Read The Reasons You Need Electrolytes (and How to Get Them).

Aloe Vera

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Not only is aloe vera a common topical application to cool a sunburn, but this nutrient-packed succulent, which is native to the Arabian Peninsula, thrives in hot and arid climates thanks to the fact that its composition is 95 percent water.

As for ingesting it? We sampled aloe vera. The flavor might call to mind a very mild cucumber, while the texture is jelly-like, similar to boba. You can often find aloe vera water available for purchase in grocery and convenience stores—also check out why some experts say aloe vera water is a great weight-loss drink.

And, consider avoiding caffeine drinks and alcohol.


We know this brunch concept looks tempt-ing! But heads-up: Even though you might be outdoors soaking in fun with the ones you love, overdoing it on caffeine or alcohol could make your sunburn pain even worse. That's because both are diuretics that suck away the body's hydration supply. Following a nasty sunburn, stick with the drinks that replenish the body's water, not deplete it.

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