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Nathan's Famous Just Announced a Major Change to This Iconic Item

The classic hot dog brand is keeping up with the times, according to this exciting news.

If you love a summertime hot dog but have been trying to cut down on your meat intake, Nathan's Famous just revealed some truly game-changing news. Its one-of-a-kind hot dog is now available in a version that's friendly to a wider range of diets. Yes, that means plant-based eaters!

According to Nathan's brand story, the famous hot dogs originated on Coney Island in 1916 when Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker borrowed his wife's secret blend of spices, plus a $300 investment from friends, to create what's become one of the world's most recognized hot dog brands. ( 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone's Talking About)

Even though Nathan's is as popular as ever today, consumers looking for a meatless version of its famous hot dogs at restaurants or grocery stores have until recently come up empty-handed. Now, everything's about to change.

Nathan's Famous has officially come through.

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The iconic brand recently announced that it's offering meatless hot dogs "at 13 eateries across the New York metro area, including at its famous Coney Island flagship," according to the New York Post.

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Nathan's Famous meatless hot dogs are also available online, but there's a catch.

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As The Post noted, these Nathan's locations have offered a plant-based hot dog since April. The brand also offers a product called the "Nathan's Famous Plant-based Hot Dog Kit for 6" via its Shopify portal. It includes six hot dogs, six buns, Nathan's deli-style mustard, and instructions for how to safely prepare your food. Currently priced at $44.99, this meatless hot dog kit is exponentially more than what you'd pay for Nathan's products at a grocery store.

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But Nathan's Famous meatless dogs may be available soon at more places.

Nathans beef hot dog

You may not be able to find Nathan's meatless hot dogs in your neck of the woods at this time, but The Post reports that the launch of  Nathan's plant-based hot dogs is part of a longer-term strategy to make them accessible in more areas.

"The plan is to eventually sell the product in retailers, but for now New Yorkers can find a warm Nathan's veggie dog at eateries at the Staten Island ferry terminal in Manhattan, on Surf Avenue in Coney Island and at the Jersey Shore Premium outlets among other locations," The Post's Lisa Fickenscher writes.

The change was made for "all who enjoy a healthier diet."


As for what was behind this major upgrade, James Walker, president of Nathan's Famous, said in a statement:

"We've spent a great deal of time perfecting this hot dog and making sure that those who know and love Nathan's one-of-a-kind flavor, as well as those that might not have tried a Nathan's hot dog due to diet, can now enjoy an option that fits their lifestyle."

According to The Post, Walker also said the meatless update was "not just aimed at 'flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan customers but [at] all who enjoy a healthier diet.'" With 13 grams of fat in a regular Nathan's all-beef frank, here's hoping that we can all look forward to a more nutritious option!

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