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7 Easiest Things to Make for Your Quarantine Partner's Birthday

While planning a dinner party at the guest of honor's favorite restaurant might not be an option right now, there are plenty of other ways you can celebrate.

While the world is in the midst is dealing with a global pandemic, everyone is doing their part to (hopefully) flatten the curve, which means staying home as much as possible. And if you happen to be quarantined with someone who is celebrating a birthday, you're going to want to take things a step further beyond just orchestrating a group video call to make them feel special. And that's where food comes in. Nothing says "happy birthday" more than a heartfelt meal, right?

So while the guest of honor might not be able to pay a visit to their favorite restaurant or indulge in a sweet treat from that bakery they frequent on their way home from work, there are still plenty of yummy options you can turn to instead to make sure they feel extra special, despite everything that's going on at the moment.

Here are the best things you can easily make to celebrate your quarantine buddy's birthday.

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Bake a cake.

baking brownies

If you've never really gotten around to baking a cake or cupcakes before, now is your time to shine. And we're not saying you have to make it all from scratch—using a boxed cake mix is just as delicious and easy to follow. Forgot to buy frosting? Well, it's actually much easier to make from scratch than you may think. For chocolate frosting, you just need butter, milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, and powdered sugar—all items you most likely already have in your kitchen.

Get boozy.

assorted sangria cocktails in short wine glasses

Your quarantine bud might not be able to pay their favorite bar a visit, but you can bring the booze to your living room! There are plenty of amazing cocktails even bartenders are making for themselves at home you can easily replicate.

Whip up a brunch.

French toast

Tell your quarantine partner to sleep in a few more hours while you get to cooking up brunch! Pancakes, French toast, omelets, and yes, mimosas are welcome and are all made from ingredients you most likely stocked up on. And if you're looking for some more dish ideas, we've got you covered as any of these 87 easy brunch recipes.

Make their favorite childhood meal.

Mac and cheese on plate

This option is a way to really tug on the heartstrings and will come as a total surprise. Many of us are turning to comfort foods during this time of uncertainty, and what's more comforting than a meal you used to eat as a kid? Whether it's mac and cheese or some chicken nuggets and tater tots, throwing it back to those simpler times makes for a touching birthday meal.

Replicate their favorite restaurant dish.

Copycat shake shack burger with crinkle cut fries to enjoy at home
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Yes, it is a bummer that your quarantine partner can't dine at their favorite restaurant, but you can bring the foods they love from these spots right to them with a copycat recipe of their go-to meal. And don't worry if you need a little inspiration, as we have nearly 50 copycat recipes ready for you to try out!

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Make sorbet.

Healthy desserts fruit banana ice cream blueberries

If your quarantine partner isn't a big cake fan, you can make them another sweet treat that most likely everyone loves: ice cream. Don't worry about not having a pint of Ben & Jerry's in your freezer! See, if you have fresh fruit that is perfectly ripe and/or bags of frozen fruit, then you already have the basis for this frozen delight. Break out the food processor or blender and get to mixing. Feel free to can customize with any toppings, too!

Order in.

leftover pizza in box

OK, so this technically isn't making something yourself, but if there are restaurants in your area still up and running with their takeout deliveries, ordering in is always a great option. You're supporting local businesses and who would ever say no to a pizza party? A win-win all around.

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