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10 Restaurant Chains That Serve the Tastiest Wedge Salad

For a fresh and crunchy starter, this longtime steakhouse favorite can't be beat.
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Iceberg lettuce isn't the exciting vegetable. The crispy, pale-leafed green, which resembles cabbage, frequently appears in recipes like tacos, burgers, and basic salads but isn't usually associated with luxe recipes—unless you're talking about the wedge salad, that is.

Although the history of the wedge salad is shrouded in mystery, it's undeniably a classic. Often served at steakhouses, the refreshing salad typically features a thick wedge of iceberg lettuce (hence its name), topped with ingredients like chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, crispy bacon, and crumbled blue cheese.

Wedge salads have a lot going on, which makes it good to eat but can be a headache if you want to make one from scratch. Thankfully, there are plenty of restaurant chains out there that offer this iconic dish on its menu. From classic versions in various sizes to more innovative options that include compelling details like candied bacon and pickled onions, here are 10 restaurant chains that serve the best wedge salad.

Outback Steakhouse Classic Blue Cheese Wedge

Iceberg wedge salad at Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse/Facebook

Outback Steakhouse may be best known for its Aussie-inspired theme, high-quality steaks, and impressive appetizers—Bloomin' Onion, anyone?—but its wedge salad cannot be overlooked. Prepared with cool and crispy iceberg lettuce, the chain's version of this iconic dish is made with chopped bacon, fresh grape tomatoes, diced red onions, blue cheese dressing, and blue cheese crumbles. However, it's the sweet balsamic glaze that sets it apart from the rest.

"What we really love is their Wedge Salad," one Yelp reviewer shared. "I have never had a Wedge salad as good elsewhere."

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Ruth's Chris Steak House Lettuce Wedge

ruths chris wedge salad
Ruth's Chris

Founded in 1965, Ruth's Chris Steak House has become synonymous with top-notch steaks, warm hospitality, and excellent starters, such as its wedge salad. Referred to as the "lettuce wedge" on the chain's menu, this popular dish features a thick piece of crisp greens, chopped bacon, crumbled blue cheese, and matching blue cheese dressing. For those who want to try something a bit different, it's also possible to swap out the blue cheese dressing for Caesar, ranch, or lemon basil.

Capital Grille Wedge with Blue Cheese and Smoked Bacon

capital grille wedge salad
The Capital Grille / Facebook

If you want dry-aged steaks and expert-recommended wines served in a chic setting, visit Capital Grille, the upscale restaurant chain with over 60 locations throughout the country. On its menu, you can expect a tasty wedge salad perfectly put together with fresh greens, crumbled blue cheese, and smoked bacon. Unlike other wedge salads, this one has a distinctive smokey flavor that pairs exceptionally well with entrées like sliced filet mignon with cipollini onions and seared tenderloin with butter-poached lobster tails.

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Morton's Steakhouse Morton's Iceberg Wedge

Wedge salad at Morton's the Steakhouse
Morton's the Steakhouse/Facebook

What's not to love about Morton's Steakhouse? The popular restaurant chain, which started over 40 years ago, is the place to go if you're in the mood for high-quality chops and soul-warming sides. Although its USDA Prime steaks and chops are the highlights of its menu, Morton's iceberg wedge is a starter you simply cannot pass up. The dish, with plenty of copycat recipes floating around the Internet, is made with iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, diced tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, and a chopped hard-boiled egg, all dressed in a homemade blue cheese dressing.

Ocean Prime Crisp Iceberg Wedge

ocean prime wedge salad
Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime has cemented itself as one of the best restaurant chains out there, and for good reason. Started in 2008, the spot boasts an enticing seafood and steak menu and serves dishes in a gorgeous setting. The next time you stop by one of its locations—there are more than 20 throughout the country—try its crisp iceberg wedge. This perfectly prepared dish includes ingredients like candied bacon, marinated tomatoes, pickled onions, blue cheese, and a cabernet buttermilk dressing.

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Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Wedge Salad

lucille's smokehouse wedge salad
Samantha R. / Yelp

A barbecue chain that serves a fantastic wedge salad? Sure, why not? Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, a West Coast chain with locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona, may specialize in barbecue dishes, but it's the wedge salad that deserves an honorable mention. Priced at just six bucks, the thick iceberg slice is topped with chopped tomatoes, bacon, red onion, and blue cheese crumbles and drizzled in a tasty blue cheese dressing. Even better? You also have the option of adding avocado, if you'd like.

BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse House Wedge Salad

bjs brewhouse wedge salad
BJ's Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse , which started in the 1970s, is applauded for its deep-dish pizzas served with a California twist, but it's the house wedge salads that should begin every meal. Perfect for lunch or dinner, BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse's wedge salads incorporate crisp applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, fresh chopped tomatoes, and red onions for an extra crunch. Offered around six dollars, it's practically a steal.

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Maggiano's Little Italy Wedge Salad

maggianos wedge salad
Maggiano's / Facebook

Who knew Maggiano's Little Italy, best known for its beloved Italian dishes, also whips up a wonderful wedge salad? Offered on its menu along with a handful of other salad options, the chain's wedge salad consists of crispy iceberg lettuce, a chopped hard-boiled egg, crumbled blue cheese, smoked bacon, and a tangy blue cheese dressing. Here, you can customize your size—for instance, the wedge salad is offered as a side, regular portion, or double portion.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge

del friscos wedge salad
Del Frisco's

Of course, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse would have a top-tier wedge salad. Dubbed the blue cheese lettuce wedge on its menu, the popular chain's version calls for refreshing iceberg lettuce, juicy cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, and Danish blue cheese dressing. Pair it with Prime porterhouse and lobster macaroni and cheese, or a bone-in filet with a loaded baked potato, for a memorable meal.

"Love this place!!!" one TripAdvisor reviewer commented. "Food is incredible! Steaks melt in your mouth as well as prime rib, and sides were delicious! Wedge salad a winner as well as sweet corn bisque. The Coconut Cream Pie always scrumptious! What a wonderful evening!"

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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Wedge Salad

flemings wedge salad
@Lovely_Rebelle / X

If you want a more elevated wedge salad, look to Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, which serves a luxe version of this famous salad. Offered on its menu under Market Salads, Fleming's rendition is assembled with chopped bacon, Campari tomatoes, diced red onion, and Danish blue cheese crumbles, all topped with a drizzle of blue cheese dressing and a smattering of balsamic glaze.

"I love me a good wedge salad omgggg I had a good one this weekend at Fleming's," one person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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