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RXBAR Just Released Half-Sized Protein Bars in Two Popular Flavors

They have all of the flavor, in a miniature package.

Among health-minded individuals, few power bars are more beloved than RXBAR.

The bars are made entirely from all natural ingredients. ("No B.S." is plastered on the marketing materials.) They're loaded with 12 grams of protein. They have no added sugars or trans fats. And the flavor offerings—from maple sea salt to apple cinnamon to the truly decadent, yet sadly seasonal, pumpkin spice—are far more enticing than the standard-issue chocolate peanut butter you'd see in a more traditional protein bar. Sure, the bars might stick to your teeth like cold caramel. But if you want a quick boost of clean protein, you'd be hard-pressed to find an easier option.

Until today, that is. This morning, RXBAR released RXBAR Minis, an iteration on the normal bar that's more or less exactly the same—except it's half the size.

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Just like the normal-sized bars, these tiny treats don't have any additives and are made with all-natural products. Dates make up the base of each bar, while egg whites bring a protein-packed punch. And for texture, each bar has a few crushed nuts (generally cashews or almonds). You won't find any preservatives or artificial flavoring.

To start with, RXBAR Minis are only available in two bestselling flavors: blueberry and coconut chocolate. Unfortunately, the peanut butter and berries flavor (which tastes uncannily like a PB&J sandwich, by the way) isn't available in miniature form, but the company promises more flavors will be added by the end of the year.

RXBAR Minis are just the latest option in a growing trend of bite-sized health bars. In November 2018, KIND released miniature 100-calorie bars, while brands like ONE and Lärabar—the popular gluten-free energy bars—have expanded the flavor portfolios for miniaturized bars in recent years.

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