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Look for This Important New Sign When Dining at a Restaurant

Restaurant officials are making sure eateries are prepared and safe for customers—here's how to know yourself.

How do you know if a restaurant is safe and properly taking all the right precautions during the pandemic? While we would like to assume that every eating establishment is following all the right steps to keep customers and employees safe, there isn't a signed guarantee that customers can truly count on. This is why the National Restaurant Association (NRA) has developed a ServSafe commitment that can ensure the safety of others.

The NRA plans on launching a program that will market restaurants that are following all the right safety precautions required by the NRA. This commitment for restaurants shows customers their favorite eateries are being safe so they can feel at ease dining in (or taking out) from their favorite spots.

The requirements restaurants need for a ServSafe commitment

In order to do this, restaurants need to meet the standards of the ServSafe Dining Commitment. The standards restaurants need to meet are as follows, listed by the NRA on their website:

  • Restaurants must adhere to the NRA Reopening Guidance and/or corporate brand guidelines. These are all based on guidelines from the CDC and FDA.
  • Restaurants must adhere to the laws and guidelines set by their state and local governments.
  • Restaurants must have one person (minimum) that has a ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification per restaurant location.
  • 75% of the restaurant employees must be trained in ServSafe Food Handler courses and have gone through the ServSafe COVID-19 Reopening training. Employees must present certificates of completion.

"We created the ServSafe Dining Commitment for operators to reassure customers that they are taking defined steps to keep diners and the restaurant's employees safe," says Sherman Brown, the executive vice president of Training and Certification for the National Restaurant Association, in their recent post. "We encourage operators, and the entire restaurant and foodservice community to join us in welcoming diners back to their dining rooms with the peace of mind that their restaurant adheres to the ServSafe Dining Commitment."

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How customers can ensure a restaurant went through ServSafe

Are you curious if your favorite burger bistro is ServSafe certified? It's easy to find out!

Once restaurants have completed ServSafe, they can make a commitment through to let customers know they are doing everything they can for safe dine-in. After the commitment has been made, restaurants will receive a ServSafe Dining Commitment logo they can advertise.

All customers have to do is look for the ServSafe Dining Commitment logo. Whether it be on the company's website, social media handles, or even hung up at the establishment itself, customers can be at ease knowing that this symbol means the restaurant will take all the proper precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

If your favorite restaurant doesn't have a ServSafe Dining Commitment logo, reach out and ask them about it! It's always worth a shot, especially in a time when restaurants are closing down again due to new COVID-19 spikes. Y

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