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5 Subtle Signs You're Drinking Too Much Beer

Think you're slinging back too many ales? Here's how to know if you are.
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Cracking open a beer at the end of the long workday truly is a bliss that's hard to describe. However, enjoying a few more beers—three, maybe four—is not so great on your health. Especially if you're drinking that many beers on a regular basis. But don't worry, there are many subtle signs that you can look out for that will determine if you're drinking too much beer on a regular basis.

If you're seeing any of these signs in your normal life, take some time to evaluate how many beers you're drinking. And as always, if you have symptoms that are severe, consult your doctor and talk about your health—including your drinking habits.


You're feeling bloated and gassy.

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Did you know that heavily drinking could actually damage the tissues in your digestive tract and cause issues with your intestines absorbing nutrients and vitamins when digesting your food? In fact, because of this, malnutrition could even occur. This obviously depends on how much you drink, but if you're experiencing a good amount of bloat and gassiness after drinking an excessive amount, chances are you're having too much beer. Cutting down on your alcohol consumption can help reduce the bloat you are experiencing and decrease those scarier health risks that can occur in your digestive tract—like ulcers and hemorrhoids.


You're having a hard time in the bathroom.


As previously discussed, drinking a lot of alcohol (including beer) can actually cause digestive discomfort or even digestive tract issues down the line. This means you could even have issues when going to the bathroom—specifically during your bowel movements. Heavy drinking can cause diarrhea or even painful bowel movements, so if you're having a harder time in the bathroom, evaluate how much you're drinking and maybe cut it down a bit. And add some fiber-rich foods in your diet to help you out in the bathroom down the road.


You're anxious.

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While there are many signs of alcohol dependency, anxiousness is actually a common one that can occur for people that drink an excessive amount of alcohol. If you find yourself drinking a lot of beer, chances are you'll feeling anxiety during that "detoxification" period that can happen. So if you're drinking a lot of beer and find yourself anxious more than usual, it may because of how much you are drinking.

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You're sleepy.

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Why? Because you're not getting a good night's sleep! And yes, that's probably due to the fact that you're drinking a bit more than you should. According to a study done by the National Institute of Health, our bodies go through a "rebound effect" when we drink, which means it takes four or five hours for alcohol to leave our systems. This means that if you drink before bed, this rebound effect could actually disrupt your sleep. Having a drink earlier in the day is best, and for consistent nights of good sleep, choose to have that beer occasionally rather than every night before your head hits the pillow.


You're having a hard time in bed.

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You know what we mean! While some may tell you that drinking can help you relax and "have fun" in bed, drinking too much can actually cause issues with your sexual health. Studies show that men who drink too much beer can actually experience erectile dysfunction. Drinking can prevent your sex hormone to produce and lower your libido. So if you're having a hard time, well, you know, it may be time to cut back on the beers.

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