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The #1 Daily Strength Workout To Lose 'Turkey Wing' Fat

Check out this expert-approved workout that’s proven to slim and tone your arms!
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If you ask most people which parts of their body have the most stubborn fat, they would all put their arms on the list. More specifically, that excess flabby skin that hangs off the back of your triceps when you raise your arms—called "turkey wings." ('Tis the season, right?) So what's the best way to trim those wings? We've put together the #1 daily strength workout to lose turkey wing fat.

When trying to lose arm fat, many people may gravitate toward doing a ton of triceps exercises in the desperate hope that it burns the fat in that area—but fat loss doesn't work like that. The non-negotiable truth is you cannot burn fat in specific areas; you have to burn it all over your body. That's why, to get great results, you must do exercises that target a lot of muscles at once so you can burn the most calories possible per repetition (which is another reason why small triceps exercises don't do much for you).

Next, supercharge your results by exercising frequently—not just two to three times a week—so you're continually burning calories and challenging your body. To help you, we'll share a simple workout you can do every single day to help carve out those turkey wings so you can look lean and toned.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't crush yourself with this workout; otherwise, you won't be able to do it every day. Instead, use a weight that's challenging, yet comfortable, and doesn't force you to grimace as you do the movement. Also, do these exercises as calmly and as relaxed as possible so you don't mentally exhaust yourself.

Over time, you'll watch those turkey wings fly away! Read on to learn all about out #1 daily strength workout to lose turkey wing fat. And when you're done, be sure to check out People Swear by the '3-2-1' Method for a Slim Waist: 'Changed My Life'.

Reverse Lunges w/ Step

Start by standing on a short step or box, approximately four to six inches high. Take a long step backward to the ground—long enough so that your knees make two 90-degree angles at the bottom—and pull yourself back up onto the step with your forward leg. To make it harder, use dumbbells. Complete four to five sets of five reps per leg.

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Grab a pull-up bar with your palms facing toward you, and start by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pull yourself up, and lead with your chest. Complete four to five sets of five reps.

If you cannot comfortably do chin-ups, use the lat pulldown machine instead. Sit at a lat pulldown machine, grab the handle about shoulder-width apart with your palms facing away. Keep your torso upright, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull the bar toward your collarbone. Keep your chest up as you pull.

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TRX Pushups

TRX pushups

Face away from the anchor point with TRX handles in each hand. Get in a pushup position with your hands about shoulder-width apart. Keep your lower back flat, and don't let your hips sag. Lower yourself, and keep your elbows close to your body as you descend. Perform three to four sets of six reps.

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TRX Inverted Rows

TRX row illustration

Grab TRX straps from underneath with your feet closer to the anchor point. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull yourself up while keeping your body straight like a plank. Complete three to four sets of six reps.

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