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Grab Your Toning Ball for 5 Exercises To Lose Arm Fat Fast

Gear up for the most efficient Pilates toning ball workout.
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Do you struggle to lose fat around the arms? If so, you are not alone. The arms—especially the triceps area as well as the biceps—can be "problem areas" for many people. (Trust me—it's not just your winter gut that can be stubborn!) Even if you're losing weight, you cannot control the specific areas your body chooses to burn fat first. The good news is, adding muscle to the arm area as you are losing weight helps increase the overall lean-ness in the area. That's why we've rounded up five exercises to lose arm fat fast. Grab your toning ball, and let's get started!

Pilates toning balls are an excellent way to combine fat-burning with muscle-building. Since the exercises require you to hold the ball, they activate muscles in your arms. However, because the exercises activate many other muscles as well, performing them as a circuit gives you the added benefit of increased calorie burning, helping your weight loss and muscle endurance.

Now, let's get into my five best-recommended exercises to lose arm fat fast. Perform each exercise for 30 to 60 seconds. Rest for 20 to 30 seconds, and move to the next exercise. Repeat for three to five rounds.

Toning Ball Overhead Press

toning ball overhead press exercise to lose arm fat fast

Begin this first exercise seated with a ball in each hand. Extend both arms upward, maintaining your grip on each ball with your palms facing inward toward one another. Keep your shoulders engaged, but do not shrug. Hold for the target time.

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Toning Ball Triceps Extension

toning ball triceps extension exercise

Start your toning ball triceps extensions seated with a ball in each hand. Lean forward slightly, and extend your arms behind you, palms facing upward. Engage your entire arm while bracing your core. Hold for the target time.

Toning Ball Straight Arm Holds

toning ball straight-arm hold exercise

Begin this move seated with your legs straight, toes pointed, and a toning ball in each hand. Extend your arms forward, keeping your palms upwards holding each ball. Keep your gaze forward and posture upright. Hold the position for the target time.

Toning Ball Single-Leg Balance

group fitness class toning ball workout to lose arm fat fast

The toning ball single-leg balance exercise begins with you standing and holding a ball in each hand. Extend your arms forward, gripping the balls with palms facing the floor. Rotate your arms, chest, and gaze 456 degrees to your left. Raise your left knee off the ground to balance on your right foot. Hold for the target time. Repeat on both sides.

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Toning Ball Curl-Up

toning ball curl-up exercise

Last but not least, wrap up this workout with the toning ball curl-up to lose arm fat fast. Begin on the floor with your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor, and the ball between your knees. Sit up with your arms extended until your torso is 45 degrees from the floor, keeping your neck in line with your spine. Hold the position for the target time.

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