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Trader Joe's Just Revealed When Its Viral Mini Tote Bags Will Be Restocked

The beloved bags became an immediate hit when they debuted at Trader Joe's stores last month.
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No Trader Joe's product has ignited a viral craze in 2024 quite like the Mini Tote Bags that debuted in late February. Customers have been swarming stores just to get their hands on the $2.99 bags, and scalpers have been reselling them for hundreds of dollars apiece online. The demand has been so fierce, in fact, that some shoppers have reported that their local stores are completely sold out.

But in good news for any shoppers who haven't been able to score a bag and don't feel like shelling out a grand for a $3 piece of canvas, Trader Joe's just confirmed that the viral product will be restocked later this year.

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"We do have more Trader Joe's Mini Canvas Tote Bags coming. Customers can expect to see them in our stores in late summer," a representative said in a statement shared with Eat This, Not That!

The bags are made from a heavy-duty blend of cotton and polyester and come in four colors: navy, yellow, red, and forest green. They measure about 13 inches long and six inches wide. Customers have been saying that the bags are great for packing lunches or carrying groceries after a smaller shopping trip.

Trader Joe's already sells a variety of larger grocery bags in its stores that also tend to generate buzz among shoppers, so the fanfare surrounding the Mini Tote Bags isn't completely unexpected. However, not even Trader Joe's itself was fully prepared for how massively popular and coveted the new bags would be.

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"Our Mini Canvas Tote Bags certainly sold more quickly than we anticipated. Before we had the opportunity to promote them in any way, customers across the country found them at their neighborhood Trader Joe's," Trader Joe's said in the statement.

As fans await the eventual restock of the bags later this year, Trader Joe's wants to make it clear that it does not support peddlers putting them up for sale again.

"Our customers, in our stores, are our focus; we do not endorse the re-sale of any of our products, anywhere," the statement noted.

Customers should stay tuned for more details on the precise timing of the Mini Tote Bag restock as we get closer to the end of summer.

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These popular bags are only the latest Trader Joe's item to garner massive buzz in the past year. When the retailer debuted its frozen kimbap over the summer of 2023, the item was such an immediate hit that stores had trouble keeping it in stock. Some even set purchase limits for the product.

Trader Joe's Squiggly Knife Cut Noodles, which debuted in January 2023, also achieved viral fame on TikTok last year as tons of users shared their own inventive recipes for the product.

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