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The #1 Worst Drink for a Flatter Stomach, Says Dietitian

This drink may give you an energy boost, but it can quickly derail your weight loss goals.

If you're on the path to weight loss, chances are you have specific goals in mind. Maybe you are focusing on toning your arms, building more muscles in your legs, or getting a flatter stomach. Whatever your goals may be, there may be certain foods or drinks that are getting in your way.

That's why we talked with registered dietitian Cassie Madsen, MS, RD about the drinks that can hinder your attempts at leaning out and losing weight. And according to Madsen, energy drinks are one of the worst drinks to have when you're trying to get a flatter stomach.

Why energy drinks are so bad for a flat stomach

energy drink

"Many people are under the impression that they are doing something good for themselves when they crack open an energy drink," says Madsen, "however, many energy drinks are loaded with added sugar."

Limiting your sugary beverages when you're trying to lose weight is important, and according to an article published in Circulation, these types of drinks with added sugar are directly linked to having more belly fat.

Madsen uses Rockstar Energy Drinks as an example. "A 12 ounce can of the Rockstar Punched contains 61 grams of added sugar, which is more than most soda and will definitely get in the way of anyone's weight loss goals."

She also notes that on top of adding tons of unnecessary sugar to your diet, the carbonation in these energy drinks can cause "increased gas and bloating, which isn't helpful if you are aiming for a flat stomach."

A final thing to consider with choosing energy drinks is that if it is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, "some people have poor tolerance to excess fructose in the diet which can lead to additional gut symptoms like gas, bloating and distention," says Madsen.

Substitutes for energy drinks

While these drinks can give you the boost of energy you may be looking for in the moment, it's better for your weight loss goals to choose another source of caffeine like black coffee or green tea for a flatter stomach.

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