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The #1 Best Drink for Memory Loss, Says Science

One of the world's favorite drinks may be a key to your brain health.
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Aside from tea, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. This isn't surprising to most people, especially because of its enticing flavors and energy-boosting properties.

Along with its great taste, coffee also has many health benefits. In fact, coffee has been known to lower risk of depression, enhance weight loss, reduce your risk of heart disease, as well as other chronic diseases.

Not only that, but coffee is also one of the best drinks you can have for memory loss, as well.

In a report published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, multiple cohort studies were examined to determine that drinking moderate amounts of coffee can have positive effects on your cognitive health.

According to the report, several studies found that coffee can help decrease your risk of dementia, fight against Alzheimer's disease, and slow overall cognitive decline.

One of the main hypotheses to coffee's help with memory loss is its high caffeine content, while its antioxidant levels may be another cause behind it. Either way, research is continuing to show that moderate consumption of coffee to helpful for your cognitive health.

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There's just one catch

pouring sugar into coffee

While you may be rushing to pour yourself another cup of coffee after reading this good news, it's important to pay attention to the ingredients you are adding to your morning cup. That's because, although coffee can help your memory, excessive sugar has been known to negatively impact your cognitive health.

For example, a study from Clinical Interventions in Aging found that too much sugar can impair your memory over time, as well as increase your risk of dementia. Harvard Medical School warns that the impact of sugar on your cognitive impairment is especially detrimental to those with diabetes or those who are at higher risk.

In other words, drinking black coffee or coffee with light amount of cream can be extremely helpful for your memory and brain health. But be careful not to load up on extra-sugary drinks, as that could have negative consequences to your health.

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