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The #1 Best Drinking Habit To Reverse Aging, Says Dietitian

It shouldn't come as a surprise.
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It may be fairly obvious, but regularly drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy and, of course, hydrated. But water also has supplemental benefits, including being great for skin care, and drinking eight cups of it a day is the best drinking habit to follow to help reverse aging.

"Staying hydrated plumps our skin and helps maintain elasticity, making signs of aging less evident," says registered dietitian Kiran Campbell, RD.

Water doesn't only give us skin health-supporting benefits, but it also actually makes us more unhealthy when we don't drink it, as a lack of water can lead to weight gain, anger, and a lack of energy. Your skin also worsens when you're dehydrated, as the collagen cracks and binds together, leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

"Our bodies are composed of approximately 60 percent water," Campbell says. "Water is necessary for multiple bodily functions including regulating body temperature, energy levels, lubricating joints, keeping mucous membranes moist, regulating hormones and carrying nutrients throughout our bodies."

When we think about aging, and how to reverse its effects, skincare is always at the top of mind, but Campbell says that skin isn't the only part of our body that can age; it's important to protect the insides of your body from aging as well. Regularly drinking enough water can help reverse aging on both the inside and the outside of your body.

"When it comes to aging, it is important to consider not only the aging of our skin but also of our bodies and the health issues associated with our drinking habits," Campbell says. "Water is the best way to accomplish an adequate state of hydration, so it is crucial to make it a point to get at least the minimum amount daily to meet your needs."

How to drink more water to reverse aging

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While some people are perfectly happy with the taste of water, others crave more flavor, and there are a lot of ways to add flavor without compromising health and hydration, and still be able to reverse aging. One of the most simple ways to spruce up your water is by having lemon water, which is also beneficial for weight loss as it can help boost metabolism, and can help you to feel full.

"It is actually a myth that you must drink plain water to stay hydrated, however, this is the form most easily utilized by our bodies since it does not contain any other added ingredients to process and metabolize," Campbell says.

She adds that while regularly drinking water is the best drinking habit to follow to reverse aging, you can also hydrate with any liquid to make sure you're hitting that target goal if you're not yet up to drinking eight cups of H2O a day.

"The best way to introduce this habit into your life is to make sure to drink water, sparkling water, flavored water, hot or cold tea, coffee, milk and milky drinks, fruit juices, soups, sports or soft drinks, and smoothies throughout your day," Campbell says. For some smoothie ideas, check out these 5 Best Anti-Aging Smoothies You Can Drink, Say Dietitians.

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