The Absolute Best Sandwich in Every State

Our friends at Yelp helped us determine the best place to get a sandwich, then we narrowed it down to the best order!
sandwich stacked with vegetables avocado and meat sitting on a wrapper

There are so many different styles of sandwiches, including, but not limited to, the po' boy, hoagie, panini, sub, and even bánh mì. With so many kinds out there, we felt compelled to rally a list of the best sandwich in every single state. We asked our friends at Yelp for assistance on this one to help us discover the best sandwich shops and their top picks. Not only do these shops offer exemplary sandwiches, but they also are known for their charming atmosphere, friendly customer service, and maybe even clever sandwich names. In other words, these sandwich places are the best of the best, according to a slew of reviewers.

Methodology from Yelp: This is a list of the best sandwich shops in every state in the U.S., according to Yelp. All the businesses on this list are in the "Sandwich" category on Yelp. "Best" is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star rating for a business.

Yelp provided us with the top five ranked sandwich shops in each state, and for 12 states, we went with another selection other than the top one. We did this at our editorial discretion, as the number one restaurant didn't appear to be known for their sandwiches, as much as other menu items. We also looked at reviews to find the sandwiches people raved about the most, and hand-picked what we felt was one of the top sandwiches to order at each place. Note: Not all photos reflect what sandwich we dubbed as the pick you should order, as not all Yelp pages offered photos of the most raved-about sandwich. We strove to use the best images taken by Yelp contributors at each shop and to include the photo of the best sandwich as often as possible.

Now, enjoy this list of the best sandwich shops and their best sandwiches in every state!

The Mama Mia — Flip Flop Deli Shop (Gulf Shores, Alabama)

flip flop deli shop sub sandwich meal
Isbell K./Yelp

Before we talk about the food, can we just take a moment and gush about how cute the name of this deli is? Flip Flop Deli Shop? Come on! The deli offers eight different sandwiches and wraps. One Yelp contributor said, "The Mama Mia is overflowing with ham, pepperoni, salami, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, and Italian dressing."

The MVP — MVP Sports Deli & Eatery (Anchorage, Alaska)

mvp sports deli eatery mvp pastrami image on foil
Justin I./Yelp

According to Yelp, this sports-centric deli is the best sandwich shop in the entire state of Alaska. The popular sandwich orders appear to be the Slam Dunk, which consists of thinly sliced Italian beef that's dunked in homemade gravy and topped with provolone, and the MVP signature (pictured) —with homemade pastrami and Italian white cheddar cheese sauce and garnished with relish.

The Cuban — Worth Takeaway (Mesa, Arizona)

worth takeaway cuban sandwich with chips
Elliette D./Yelp

If you're looking for a sandwich place in Arizona, look no further than the city of Mesa, home of Worth Takeaway. Just how tasty are these sandwiches? One Yelp reviewer wrote, "Best sandwich ever? I think yes. I've had their Cuban, crispy chicken, and veggie and all were outstanding." We're sold.

The French Dipped — Green Submarine (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

green submarine pastrami mami sub sandwich
Kent A./Yelp

Head to Green Submarine for an impressive selection of hot and toasty subs, where we hear the French Dipped in particular is a hit!

The Nomad — Strada Eateria & Coffee (Los Angeles, California)

strada eateria coffee meater sandwich
Michael R./Yelp

With sandwiches called Gypsy Bacon and Pamplona Chorizo, it's no wonder this sandwich place has five stars on Yelp! There's also a lot of hype on the Nomad sandwich though, which consists of pork belly that's smoked in paprika and gypsy style applewood smoked bacon that's smothered in chipotle aioli, slices of avocado, and topped with Manchego cheese. Now, whose mouths are watering at that description alone?

The Bánh Mì  — 5280 Banh Mi and Grill (Aurora, Colorado)

5280 banh mi grill sandwich
David M./Yelp

This restaurant specializes in a traditional Vietnamese sandwich called bánh mì, and in Colorado, 5280 Banh Mi and Grill is the best sandwich place in the state, according to Yelp. Order some of their cream cheese wontons on the side if you're feeling extra hungry as we've heard they won't disappoint!

The Holy Grail — Press On Sandwich Crafters (North Stonington, Connecticut)

press on sandwich crafters tim the enchanter sandwich with thai rice
Kimber R./Yelp

Press on Sandwich Crafters is known in Connecticut for its tasty grilled and panini-style sandwiches. Many Yelp reviewers rave about this small, family-owned business, here's one what one such reviewer had to say about her experience.

"This place is just all around amazing…..the family who owns it is just as sweet as can be….and the food never disappoints." This same reviewer recommends ordering the Holy Grail sandwich, which, according to a reviewer on Trip Advisor, is a rye bread sandwich that comprises pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickled egg, coleslaw, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.

The Roast Beef and Cheese — Ioannoni's Bullroasters (New Castle, Delaware)

Ioannonis bullroasters cheesesteak with fries gravy
Mac T./Yelp

The best sandwich shop in Delaware whips up some hearty-sized subs. Just how big are these sandwiches? A large sub at Ioannoni's Bullroasters measures out to be between 20-21 inches long, which is just under the length of an average size arm! We think the best one here would be the roast beef and cheese, given that the shop makes the roast beef daily using their family recipe and hand carves every slice.

The Famous Italian — Franky's Deli Warehouse (Hialeah, Florida)

frankys deli warehouse ham capicola salami provolone all toppings
Thomas R./Yelp

If you're in the Hialeah, Florida, area, you've got to stop into Franky's Deli Warehouse. This restaurant offers 29 different sandwiches, from the Mediterranean-style gyro to a loaded Philly cheesesteak to even a simple grilled cheese sandwich on potato bread. Franky's serves up just about any sandwich your taste buds could dream of savoring. We think the best sandwich is the #1 called the Famous Italian (ham, capicola, salami, and provolone), which got rave reviews on Yelp and all five-star reviews.

The Soul Rolls — Jackie M's & Son (Augusta, Georgia)

jackie m's son soul rolls image with fries and ranch
Veronica G./Yelp

Whether you like your sandwich hot or cold or in the form of an egg roll, Jackie M's & Son will hook you up with the meal you need. And yes, you read that right, this place takes the innards of a sandwich and fills it among three crispy egg rolls, a menu item the restaurant coined as Soul Rolls. Think of it almost like a next-level, even crispier panini! If traditional sandwiches are more your speed, the Augusta-based sandwich shop is applauded for its Philly cheesesteak by several Yelp reviewers, too.

The City Limits  — Sunset Smokehouse (Wahiawa, Hawaii)

sunset smokehouse city limits sandwich brisket
Krishna C./Yelp

Sunset Smokehouse brings authentic central Texas BBQ to the small town of Wahiawa, Hawaii, which might come as a surprise, given that the Texas BBQ-style joint is located in Hawaii. In between stops at the beach, stop by this food truck for brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. We think the City Limits—topped with brisket—is worth a taste after a long day.

The Reuben — Midtown Deli (Post Falls, Idaho)

midtown deli sandwich basket with pickles
Jason P./Yelp

At Midtown Deli, the Reuben sandwich—whether it's filled with turkey or corned beef brisket—is a sensation. Here's what two reviewers on Yelp had to say about each variety.

"I tried the Reuben, I was impressed with house-made corned beef brisket and house-made kraut/dressing. The sandwich was huge, hot and deliciously messy."

"I had the Reuben but substituted turkey for the more traditional corned beef. Holy moly was it good. The turkey was delicious, fresh sliced nice and thin, lightly crisped up on the flat top and piled high."

The Kitchen Sink — Nini's Deli (Chicago, Illinois)

ninis deli steak sandwich
Jay W./Yelp

There are only three sandwiches served at Nini's Deli, which says a lot about the restaurant. With five stars and more than 750 reviews on Yelp, this small deli has quite the following in Chicago. Order the Kitchen Sink sandwich, which consists of slow-cooked shredded beef that's doused in chipotle mayo, slices of grilled turkey, pickled jalapenos, egg, cheese, and avocado. Oh, and don't forget to try one of the empanadas, too!

The Walla Walla — Subito (Indianapolis, Indiana)

subito soup mac salad cookies sandwich picnic
Erin L./Yelp

Subito is known for its soup, sandwich, and macaroni salad meal combo. The staff at Subito bakes their signature Italian-inspired Garda rolls and soft rolls each morning from scratch. It doesn't get any fresher than that, folks. One Yelp reviewer recommends trying the Walla Walla, a sandwich that consists of black forest ham and Swiss cheese with green apple and honey dijon on ciabatta. Yum!

The Chicken Salad Sandwich — Her Soup Kitchen (Iowa City, Iowa)

her soup kitchen soup sandwich meal
Meghan M./Yelp

Panera Bread's pick two doesn't even compare to the pick two selections offered at Her Soup Kitchen in Iowa City. You can get a whole pear and brie cheese sandwich, for example, with an 8-ounce cup of the daily soup for just $12.00. Multiple Yelp reviewers rave about the chicken salad sandwich for being a basic, but always delicious, go-to every time.

The Cheesesteak — Do-B's (Emporia, Kansas)

do-bs philly cheesesteak
Alan G./Yelp

Traditional sandwiches are not in the staff at Do-B's vocabulary. With menu items like the Tilapia Po-boy and Hot Wing Cheesesteak, it's no wonder why this place is a hit among locals. One reviewer on Yelp says you can't go wrong with the cheesesteak and fries, and many other Yelp reviewers raved about the basic cheesesteak, too.

The Orange Marmalade Chicken Sandwich — DV8 Kitchen (Lexington, Kentucky)

dv8 kitchen's orange marmalade chicken biscuit
Jason S./Yelp

When you get a sandwich for a place that's predominantly advertised as a bakery, that should be a signal that you're in for a treat. DV8 Kitchen in Lexington, Kentucky, churns out homemade bread for all of its sandwiches. From the southern biscuits for the homemade bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich to French toast that serves as the bread for the grilled PB&J sandwich, expect all of it to be made in-house. Here's what one Yelp reviewer had to say: "The food is excellent! I highly recommend the marmalade chicken sandwich on a brioche bun—it's so delicious!"

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The Banh Mi — Banh Mi Boys (Metairie, Louisiana)

banh mi boys spicy asian bbq brisket poboy
Tony H./Yelp

Banh Mi Boys is the top sandwich place in the state of Louisiana, according to Yelp reviews and star ratings. At this sandwich shop, you can get a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with either a base of shrimp, pork, beef, tofu, or portabello mushroom.

The Lobster Roll — Mcloons Lobster Shack (South Thomaston, Maine)

mcloons lobster shack lobster roll chips coleslaw
Joe H./Yelp

Is it any surprise that the top sandwich place in Maine is known for serving lobster rolls? Mcloons Lobster Shack serves up anything from a fresh crabmeat roll to a gooey grilled cheese sandwich, and, of course, a generously-sized lobster roll.

The Neighborhood Bird — Ekiben (Baltimore, Maryland)

neighborhood bird sandwich at ekiben
Kimberly K./Yelp

Ekiben is the place to go for Asian Fusion in Baltimore, and apparently, they also whip up some tasty sandwiches as well. Served on a steam bun, customers can choose from one of four distinctive sandwiches. The Original Bun, for example, consists primarily of Thai chicken meatballs, whereas the Spicy Bird consists of Taiwanese curry fried chicken. Itching to try one? So are we! The Neighborhood Bird appears to be Ekiben's signature sandwich, according to Yelp reviewers, and it's made with Taiwanese curry fried chicken thigh topped with spicy sambal mayo, pickles, and fresh herbs.

The Falafel and Shawarma — Shawarma Palace (Worcester, Massachusetts)

shawarma palace chicken shawarma plate
Diem V./Yelp

At Shawarma Palace, don't expect to get a traditional sandwich. These sandwiches are not enclosed by your traditional two slices of bread, but rather by pita bread. Choose from a selection of pita bread sandwiches, including chicken or beef shawarma, falafel, or even a combination of the two! We heard that the falafel and beef shawarma options are both excellent choices at this place.

The Ernie's Monster — Ernie's Market (Oak Park, Michigan)

ernies market thick sandwich
Kalli H./Yelp

In Michigan, the best sandwich shop is Ernie's Market where you can purchase a sandwich called, "Ernie's Monster" which includes seven different types of meat, which includes every meat offered on the menu: corned beef, pastrami, ham, salami, turkey, pepperoni, and chicken. Yeah, you'll want to put on your stretchy pants for this one!

The Fried Chicken Sandwich — Brunson's Pub (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

brunsons pub fried chicken sandwich with fries
Abigail C./Yelp

You can choose from seven different types of sandwiches at Brunson's Pub in Saint Paul, including a sandwich called the cajun tuna and another called the braised beef. One Yelp reviewer raves about the fried chicken sandwich, so it may be worth ordering that one next time you pay Brunson's Pub a visit!

The Soprano — The Grind Coffee and Nosh (Biloxi, Mississippi)

B L./Yelp

The sandwich selections at this Mississippi sandwich shop will help you grind through the rest of your day. (See what we did there?) The Grind Coffee and Nosh offers anything from a classic roast beef and cheddar sandwich to even a specialty sandwich called The Soprano, which includes crumbled Italian sausage and mozzarella, and it's topped with roasted red peppers and caramelized onions.

The Italian Stallion — Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches (Kansas City, Missouri)

bay boy specialty sandwiches italian stallion
Ralphie S./Yelp

This sandwich shop is not one to pass up. Don't believe us? Take a look at one Yelp reviewer had to say about his experience at Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches:

"This place is evvvvvvverrrrrryyyyything. Neighborhood spot? Check. Hyper-local? Check. Unique? Check. Great sandwiches? Check."

The sandwich featured in the picture above is called the Italian Stallion, which another Yelp reviewer says that it contains sliced beef, cheese, and grilled peppers.

The Supercharged BLT — The Desoto Grill (Kalispell, Montana)

the desoto grill brisket potato salad meal
Mark D./Yelp

The Desoto Grill is the place to go for a mean sandwich. Several Yelp reviewers rave about the Supercharged BLT, with one reviewer saying the "b" in BLT at this place stands for three thick slabs of candied pork belly. Another reviewer says this place offers the best BBQ in Kalispell! You'll have to decide for yourself!

The Massaman Curry Sandwich — Banhwich Cafe (Lincoln, Nebraska)

banhwich cafe cold cuts sandwich
Will S./Yelp

Another cafe specializing in bánh mì sandwiches beats out all of the other sandwich shops in the state. Bánhwich café offers 18 different banhwiches that will meet the needs of a variety of palates and apparently, you can't go wrong with just about any choice.

"My favorite things on the menu are the Massaman Curry sandwich, the grilled pork sandwich, the pork belly, the spicy Thai chicken and grilled pork, the butter chicken, and the Korean beef sandwiches. You really cannot go wrong, no matter what you order," says a Yelp reviewer.

The Porchetta Sandwich — Karved (Las Vegas, Nevada)

karved restaurant's porchetta sandwich
Marc L./Yelp

If you're not spending all of your time at Bellagio or at one of the many luxury brand stores, stop into Karved for a more humble meal. The menu at this sandwich shop is stacked with a range of different high-quality sandwiches that won't break the bank, including free-range porchetta, a succulent French dip, and even lemon and caper dressed rotisserie turkey. One Yelp reviewer lends some insight and says the porchetta sandwich is the most popular item on the menu, partially because you get a lot of tasty meat for your money!

The Signature Roast Beef Sandwich — Jon's Roast Beef & Deli (Laconia, New Hampshire)

jons roast beef deli roast beef onion bread sandwich
Alan L./Yelp

Jon's Roast Beef & Deli dishes up a laundry list of creatively named sandwiches, including the Pilgrim, Rattlesnake Island, Fishing Derby, and the Cruiser. The shop's signature roast beef sandwich is stacked with rare roast beef. One Yelp contributor says that you also get to pick your own cheese for the sandwich. It's then topped off with a layer of BBQ and horseradish sauces.

The Meatball Parmesan Sub — Second Street Bakery (Jersey City, New Jersey)

second street bakery meatball sub sandwich image in foil
Alexandra T./Yelp

The best place to grab a sandwich in New Jersey is Second Street Bakery, which makes the bread for its sandwiches in-house. One Yelp reviewer explains it all:

"Hard to utter any other word but WOW!" She also went on to say, "What really made these sandwiches stand out was the bread. The loaves are baked fresh daily and it really makes a difference."

Another Yelp reviewer said they thoroughly enjoy the meatball parmesan sub at this bakery, and our mouths are watering looking for it!

The Green Chile Meatball Sub — 2G's Bistro (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

2g's bistro green chile meatball sub sandwich image close up
Bryan W./Yelp

Not only can you get some of the best sandwiches in town at this bistro, but you can also get some of the best brunches at this place, too. At 2G's Bistro, you can choose from a tuna sliders sandwich, a green chile meatballs sub, or even a carne burrito sandwich. Evidently, the green chile meatball sub is to die for. One Yelp reviewer goes as far to say that the first bite melts into your mouth.

The #1 Imports Mix — Rossi Rosticceria Deli (Poughkeepsie, New York)

rossi rosticceria deli imported mix roast beef gorgonzola
Jessica R./Yelp

Rossi Rosticceria Deli is located about 85 miles north of New York City, and is known for several of its sandwiches. One such sandwich that receives a lot of hype is the #1 Imports Mix, which consists of prosciutto, soppressata, coppa, as well as mozzarella, roasted peppers, and arugula.

The Pyongyang Hot Chicken — KoKyu Na'Mean (Durham, North Carolina)

kokyu na'mean the pyongyang hot chicken sandwich image
Mario K./Yelp

Pop into KoKyu Na'Mean for a variety of eclectic Vietnamese sandwiches. If you're at a loss about which sandwich to choose from (because they all sound so good), just listen to what this Yelp reviewer had to say:

"The Pyongyang Hot Chicken is probably the best sandwich I've ever had, with the Baht Mi following a close second."

The Big City Mac — Magic City Hoagies (Minot, North Dakota)

magic city hoagies big city mac sandwich image
Magic City H./Yelp

This is the ultimate sandwich shop. Located in Minot, North Dakota, which is about 260 miles northwest of Fargo, the state capital. Magic City Hoagies whips up a wide variety of 6-12 inch hoagie sandwiches. Some specialty subs include the NOLA Muffaletta, Miami Cuban, and Tangy Porky, but we're most interested in the Big City Mac (yes, like that other famous Mac sauce) sandwich, which looks delicious!

The Reuben Wrap — Express Deli (Brook Park, Ohio)

express deli reuben wrap
John N./Yelp

Express Deli is known for their famous Reuben Wrap, as well as the employee's midwest charm. The deli is located in the quaint city of Brook Park, which contains just under 19,000 residents and is located about 14 miles south of Cleveland.

The Golden Grilled Artisan Cheese — Rolling Fork Takery (Hochatown, Oklahoma)

rolling fork takery cheesesteak sub sandwich
Brittany C./Yelp

Waltz into Rolling Fork Takery for tasty cold cut and warm sandwiches alike. Do you like a sandwich with a kick? Try the Habanero Cheese Steak sandwich, which is topped with habanero jack cheese and jalapeno peppers. Sounds like a spicy sandwich to us!

How about a good old fashioned grilled cheese instead? Order the Golden Grilled Artisan Cheese which features not just one or two, but three different kinds of cheese sandwiched between thick sourdough bread.

The Mesquite Smoked Turkey — Stewart's 58 Drive-in (Oakridge, Oregon)

stewarts 58 drive in roast beef cheddar sandwich
Jonna H./Yelp

As the name of this restaurant would suggest, Stewart's 58 Drive-in is a cute little place you hop off the highway to grab a bite to eat. With a menu full of different burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and milkshakes to pick and choose from, it's no question that it's a sensation among locals and those who are passing through Oakridge. Try the mesquite smoked turkey and cheese for a quick bite!

The Cuban — Christie's Deli (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

christies deli beef korean bulgogi
Christie's D./Yelp

Dubbed a "hole-in-the-wall," Christie's Deli in Philadelphia serves up a ton, including wraps, paninis, and hoagies. We read that the Cuban, caprese chicken salad, and Italian hoagie are all stellar sandwich picks at this deli!

The Franklin's Tower — The Greatfull Bread (Warwick, Rhode Island)

the greatfull bread reuben in charise
Kristen S./Yelp

Um, how clever is this restaurant's name? The Greatfull Bread is the place to be in Rhode Island if you're on the prowl for a delicious sandwich. They even have sandwich names of Grateful Dead song's including Franklin's Tower which, according to one Yelp reviewer, "consists of roast beef on Italian bread, with crisp bacon, diced apples, and lettuce."

The Raspberry Turkey Sandwich — The Pickled Palate (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)

the pickled palate raspberry turkey sandwich potato salad sweet tea
Julie D./Yelp

The Pickled Palate is known for its paninis with different varieties, including the pimento cheese, the tuna melt, and even a caprese one. Children can even order a PB&J or grilled cheese.

Pictured above is the raspberry turkey sandwich, which appears to be a staple. "We especially liked the Raspberry Turkey sandwich—it was unique with a spicy zesty taste to it," says one Yelp reviewer.

The Chopped Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork Sandwiches — Dakota BBQ (Custer, South Dakota)

dakota bbq small pulled pork sandwich
Ali N./Yelp

Apparently, Custer offers the best BBQ in the state, according to several online publications. This small-scale, quick service restaurant offers BBQ sandwich classics including pulled pork, chopped brisket, and pulled beef sandwiches. One Yelp contributor lends some advice:

"Don't miss the chopped beef brisket or pulled pork sandwiches and the crispy-skinned rib ends!"

The EX — Nick's Grill (Pulaski, Tennessee)

nicks grill wrap fries
Sereva R./Yelp

From paninis to subs and sandwiches, Nick's Grill has got it all. One sandwich that caught our eye is known as The EX, which contains grilled chicken that's seasoned with sriracha and slathered in chipotle pesto sauce. The slogan? "This baby is packed with flavors, but also bite you like an EX."

The Celebrity Sandwiches — Tony's Italian Delicatessen (Montgomery, Texas)

tonys italian delicatessen lucky luciano sandwich house peppers
Tony's Italian Delicatessen/Yelp

The best sandwich shop in Texas is known for its open-faced sandwiches. Whether you want it hot or cold, Tony's Italian Delicatessen will satisfy just about any sandwich craving you could have. Oh, and you should know that a lot of their sammies are named after celebrities, including John Travolta, Danny Devito, Robert DeNiro, and Sophia Loren.

The Barbacoa — Buds (Salt Lake City, Utah)

buds barbacoa sandwich

The staff at Buds creates an array of delicious sandwiches and for a good price too—every sandwich costs no more than $7.00. The real kicker? This sandwich shop is completely vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Try the barbacoa sandwich made from grilled jackfruit and black beans.

The Kiwi — Sandwich Shoppe (Rutland, Vermont)

sandwich shoppe the kiwi
Jamie S./Yelp

After traversing through Pine Hill Park in Rutland, Vermont, refuel with a sandwich from Sandwich Shoppe, otherwise known as the best place to get a sandwich in the state, according to Yelp reviews and star ratings. This place offers a long list of sandwiches too—there are several chalkboards containing all of the different options! The sandwich featured in this photo is called the Kiwi, but if you like your sandwiches more traditional, the Italian-style subs such as the Italian Stallion appear to be crowd favorites.

The Croby — Croby's Urban Viddles (Charlottesville, Virginia)

crobys urban viddles the croby
Terri L./Yelp

When you head to Croby's Urban Viddles—which is known for southern comfort food that's made from scratch—be sure to check out their signature sandwich, The Croby. This sandwich is stacked with pulled pork and chicken, homemade BBQ sauce and cole slaw. There's even a sandwich called Hot Mess Muffins that swaps the traditional bun out for cornbread.

The Super Dank — Canna Cabana Subs & Shakes (Lacey, Washington)

canna cabana subs shakes super dank sub
Jizelle O./Yelp

Canna Cabana Subs & Shakes operates out of a small drive-thru space and the staff churns out some killer sandwiches. Their signature sandwich is the Super Dank, complete with crushed Doritos on top!

The Truman — Secret Sandwich Society (Fayetteville, West Virginia)

secret sandwich society truman sandwich image with chips on plate
Paige L./Yelp

If you're in Fayetteville, West Virginia, the Secret Sandwich Society is a go-to spot. Expect to see a wide range of sandwiches named after presidents who belonged to secret societies on the menu. For example, you could order the Filmore, which is a vegetarian sandwich comprising of fried eggplant and spicy cherry peppers, or the Truman, which consists of turkey and peach jam, and which has many positive reviews on Yelp.

The Reuben Sandwich — Sieberts Pub (Salem, Wisconsin)

sieberts pub the reuben
Thomas B./Yelp

Head to Sieberts Pub for a hearty sandwich like the classic Reuben. One Yelp reviewer said, "I love their Reuben sandwiches and just about anything else I've tried on their menu. Nice place to hang out."

The Classic Turkey Sandwich — Kelly on the Gros Ventre (Kelly, Wyoming)

kelly on the gros ventre turkey sandwich
Emma P./Yelp

Apparently, Kelly on the Gros Ventre is located in the middle of nowhere, but don't let the location fool you—the staff at this restaurant know how to make a fantastic sandwich. One reviewer on Yelp explains it all: "The sandwich I ordered was about 5" in height as it was stuffed with the fixings that I wanted."

The sandwich featured in this photo is a classic Turkey sandwich, stacked high with vegetables and avocado.

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