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5 Best Personal Trainers to Follow on YouTube if You Want to Get Fit

Boost your knowledge and skill by watching these channels!
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Thank goodness for YouTube. Whether you want to find great documentaries or learn how to fold your clothes like a genius, it has a ton of awesome information to help every area of your life. And fitness is no exception! You can find a number of coaches and trainers out there who share a lot of resources on training, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, and much more. The unfortunate truth, however, is there are plenty of channels that aren't worth their salt. Too many try to be controversial or clickbaity so they can go viral. As a result, their information can be flawed and mislead you into doing things that are bad for your body and health. In this article, I'll list some of the best trainers to subscribe to on YouTube, so get ready to hit that subscribe button.

These men and women are certified and proven experts in their field and should be your go-to resource no matter your fitness level. They share knowledge in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, and entertaining style. Even better, they cover a wide variety of topics, including breathing, mobility, mindset, sports performance, and much more. So sit back, relax, and watch some videos to see your own health and fitness soar!

Keep reading to learn all about the best trainers to subscribe to on YouTube. And when you're finished, don't miss The 8 Best Belly Fat-Burning Workouts You'll Find on YouTube.

Conor Harris

Conor Harris is one of the best at helping you fix aches and pains by using the Postural Restoration Institute drills. Yet he does so without being overly complex about anatomy or physiology. Instead, he shares it in a very understandable way and gives you a few simple exercises to help almost instantly.

In this video, Harris explains why the traditional "shoulders back" posture is incorrect through the understanding of human anatomy. Then, he shares a few exercises you can try so you can reverse the issues and feel better.

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Eric Cressey

In the world of strength and conditioning, Eric Cressey is celebrated for his work and detail. If you want fantastic and thorough how-to videos of exercise demonstrations while explaining why these movements work, it's a great start.

In this video, Cressey coaches you through the landmine press. This is a very incredible exercise, but a lot of people do it incorrectly. Cressey shares the different "cues" for you to think about so you can perform this move perfectly each time.

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Girls Gone Strong

Many people believe the myth "weights make you bulky," but the Girls Gone Strong channel proves it's BS. With years of experience and expertise, they offer awesome tutorials, explanations, and more to help women take their fitness to the next level. They even offer specific content like exercises during pregnancy.

In this video, they explain how to do one of the most fundamental exercises at the gym in a way that's clear, concise, and understandable so you feel comfortable trying it yourself.

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8WeeksOut TV

Fact: Most people train conditioning wrong. They think you need to go harder and faster for longer, but that is a recipe for disaster. So if you want to take your conditioning to elite levels, Joel Jamieson is your expert. He's trained some of the best MMA fighters in history and has changed the fitness industry's beliefs on how conditioning is supposed to work.

In this video, Jamieson explains the basics of your energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic) and how to improve them correctly for your sport or training. Trust me, it teaches you more in five minutes than you'd find from almost any other resource.

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The thing I like about the Well+Good channel is that it's not some talking head who goes on for 10 minutes; it gets straight to the point about helpful tips, warmups, workouts, recipes, and much more. It also shares real-life stories and covers all types of topics so you can find pretty much anything you need.

If you feel stiff and sluggish first thing in the morning, try this easy-to-do circuit to open up your muscles and joints and feel ready to go. It only takes 10 minutes and gives you everything you need to improve your mobility and activate the right muscles.

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