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Does Costco's Food Court Actually Sell a Chicken Bake Pizza?

Costco's Chicken Bake Pizza has been taking TikTok by storm, but is it real?

Costco shoppers are exceptionally passionate about the retailer's affordable food courts, and they're always concocting inventive hacks and ordering tricks that allow them to enjoy their favorite food court bites in a new way. The latest Costco food court trick to take social media by storm, however, may or may not be real.

In a recent video that has racked up close to a million views, TikToker Allen Shapiro (@therussianonig) claimed that Costco's in-store eateries have a "secret menu" option that combines food court Chicken Bakes (840 calories) and pizza (710 calories per cheese slice). The TikToker showed one of the so-called Chicken Bake Pizzas in the video, which featured a traditional pizza crust presumably topped with the chicken, bacon, Caesar dressing, and cheese that come inside a Chicken Bake.

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Shapiro warned that food court workers will "deny" the Chicken Bake Pizza exists if they ask about it. However, he said that if you give them the code "69247," then "they'll ring you up."

If you're skeptical that Costco offers a secret menu Chicken Bake Pizza, you'd be far from the only one. Several self-identified Costco employees commented on the post to say that they'd never heard of the purported food court offering.

"I work at Costco that's a lie," one TikToker commented.

"As a Costco employee, this ain't real," another wrote.

Costco cheese pizza
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Others suggested that another pizza shop made the pie shown in the video, while some said they attempted to order the pizza only to be refused.

"Tried it and they wouldn't do it," a TikToker wrote.

However, another user claimed that Costco workers will sometimes make Chicken Bake Pizzas "for themselves." So, it wouldn't hurt to ask the food court workers at your local warehouse if they're capable of making you one. Just prepare to be disappointed if you do, since the chances of actually scoring the rumored Chicken Bake Pizza seem slim to nonexistent.

Costco did not immediately respond to our queries for comment on the Chicken Bake Pizza rumors.

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While the Chicken Bake Pizza could very well be a hoax, there are several tried and true Costco food court hacks that members can try out. After Costco's food courts started selling a new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie (750 calories) late last year, shoppers began making their own cookie sundaes by crumbling the baked good on top of Costco's vanilla soft serve cups (550 calories). Other popular food court tricks include wrapping hot dogs (370 calories) in slices of pizza, making cola ice cream floats, and stuffing hot dogs into Chicken Bakes to create what shoppers have dubbed the "Forbidden Glizzy."

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