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Costco Just Brought Back a "Dangerously Delicious" Fall Muffin

The muffins are back mere days after Costco's most popular fall pie returned.
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Costco members, rejoice! Mere days after Costco delighted shoppers with the return of its beloved seasonal Pumpkin Pie, another popular pumpkin bakery item has been spotted back on shelves.

This fan-favorite bakery treat is the Pumpkin Streusel Muffins. Earlier this week, the Costco-themed Instagram account @costcohotfinds notified fellow fans that the beloved baked goods were finally available again at their local warehouse.

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"Pumpkin Streusel Muffins in the Costco bakery!!! They're FANTASTIC!!!" the post's caption read.

For the uninitiated, the Pumpkin Streusel Muffins feature a spiced pumpkin batter topped with streusel and powdered sugar. They've been a staple in Costco's seasonal bakery lineup for years, typically returning in the early fall or late summer annually. Last year, for example, they made an unexpectedly early return to Costco's shelves in mid-August.

Now that the muffins are finally back again for fall 2023, customers are overjoyed.

"Omg these are dangerously delicious," one fan commented on the Instagram post about their return.

"These are insanely good! Very glad to see this," another said.

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Any shoppers hoping to pick up the seasonal muffins during their next Costco run should take note that new and returning Costco products tend to reach some warehouses before they reach others. Customers should check directly with their local Costco to confirm whether or not the baked goods are in stock yet. A dozen mix-and-match muffins were priced at $9.99 at the warehouse where @costcohotfinds spotted the pumpkin muffins, but prices may vary depending on the location.

The pumpkin muffins and pie aren't the only popular Costco bakery treats that have recently been spotted back at warehouses. Late last month, Costco also brought back its fan-favorite Cherry Danishes, which consist of flaky pastry dough with a cherry filling and sweet icing. The retailer has been selling those popular danishes for years, but customers had reported a notable absence of the item in recent months.

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As we get closer to the fall and winter holidays, customers can also look forward to the return of other seasonal bakery items that are only offered for a limited time every year. These include the popular Pumpkin Cheesecake, Holiday Cookie Tray, and Peppermint Bark, which all typically arrive back on shelves in the fall.

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