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8 Grocery Chains With the Best Custom Cakes

Get high-quality cakes without paying boutique bakery prices at your local supermarket.
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Whether you are getting married, throwing a birthday bash, or marking a special life occasion like a graduation or baby shower, there are few treats that bring a party together quite like a cake. It is the ultimate crowd-pleasing dessert, thanks in part to its large size, not to mention its variety of flavors.

If you find yourself on cake duty for the next gathering, you are left with a few options: bake your own, head to the local pastry shop, or try your area grocery chain to see what's available.

If you decide to go with option three, you may find that grocery chains offer a full range of services when it comes to custom cakes, from selecting your favorite flavors to the finishing touches on color and decoration. Typically found in a grocery store's bakery, you will often see bakers actively working on cake orders throughout the day. But not every grocery chain's bakery is as robust or carries as many custom cake options as you would like.

Today, we are highlighting some of the best grocery chains you will want to seek out if you find yourself needing a custom cake in the coming weeks. Many of these grocery chains can even whip up a stunning cake good enough to take to a wedding or a smaller cake for a more intimate gathering. No matter the occasion, we hope these grocery chains are able to make your special day even more memorable with a dessert that your guests will be talking about for months to come.

8 Grocery Chains With the Best Bakery Departments


walmart employee holding halloween cakes
Walmart / Facebook

It is hard to compete with Walmart in terms of price, and the retail giant's custom cakes take, well, the cake. Shoppers of all ages can find a cake for virtually any occasion under the sun like graduations, gender reveals, and of course birthdays. For the littlest partiers, Walmart's cakes include familiar characters like CoComelon, Minecraft, and Baby Shark. But when it comes down to it, it is the price that truly sticks out, with one Reddit user urging others, "Don't sleep on Walmart if you need a cake on a budget."

Whole Foods

whole foods cakes
ZikG / Shutterstock

Whole Foods is in a league of its own for many reasons, one of which is its commitment to high-quality products that do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. So if that is important to you when buying a custom cake, there are very few other options that will do as well as Whole Foods. Thankfully, the cakes are also quite tasty. One Reddit user shared their experience enjoying a cake from Whole Foods, noting that "My friend got her cake from Whole Foods! It was delicious and it was cheaper than a fancy bakery." Like many other items at Whole Foods, you may find yourself paying a premium, but it is hard to argue when you are left with a beautifully ornate dessert.


costco cakes
ZikG / Shutterstock

From its seasonal mini cakes to its full-sized varieties, there is nothing like a baked treat from Costco. When it comes to custom cakes, many turn to their local Costco for tasty options that are also big enough to feed a crowd. The club's half sheet cake serves up to 48 people for just $24.99! But while birthdays and weddings are the perfect occasions for a cake, some club members have suggested that they do not even need a reason to buy a custom cake from Costco. "Do you ever just… treat yourself to a Costco cake?" one shared on Reddit, receiving many replies in agreement.


kroger sheet cakes
Courtesy of Kroger

Nationwide grocery chains like Kroger can pack a punch when it comes to tasty treats, including its custom cakes. Whether you want a pre-made cake to order ahead or you want to build a custom cake with specialized decorations and messages, Kroger is proof to many customers that a grocery store cake can compete with the rest of them. "My wedding cake was two cakes from Kroger stacked on top of each other and it was delicious!" raved one Redditor. Among other "really good cakes," another Kroger fan on Reddit specifically recommended the multi-layered Bar Cake with chocolate icing.


safeway cakes
ARTYOORAN / Shutterstock

Like Walmart, Safeway provides customers with low-cost custom cakes that taste as good as premium options. No matter the occasion, the cakes at Safeway will not break the bank and will leave you wanting to go back and order more. Several of its customers have taken to the internet to show their support for the affordable grocery chain. "IDK what it is but Safeway icing is so good," wrote one fan on Reddit, while another put it simply, saying that a cake from Safeway "[f]its exactly what you're looking for, and the price is great!"


publix cakes
Photo: Publix / Facebook

Custom sandwiches in the form of Pub Subs are not the only things shoppers can order to their liking at Publix. The bakery is also a highly-rated department at the Southern grocery chain, thanks in large part to its custom cakes that are not only a good value, but also quite tasty—even tastier than the competition. One Redditor preferred the cakes at Publix to their local Costco, pointing out that "Costco makes their frosting with shortening instead of butter, and you can definitely tell the difference."


h-e-b graduation bakery items
H-E-B / Facebook

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Texas, you shop at H-E-B, for much the same reason. The Texas grocery chain is a local favorite, especially for special parties and celebrations that call for a cake. "[I]n Texas HEB is a great option," wrote one fan on Reddit. "Basically grocery stores can be a good way to save and not sacrifice quality." Another Reddit user shared that "I've had the red velvet and carrot cake slices they are amazinggggg," adding that it is a great store to consider when looking for affordable wedding cakes.

Fred Meyer

fred meyer baby blocks cake
Courtesy of Fred Meyer

Oregon-based supermarket Fred Meyer is a regional powerhouse in the Northwest, which puts out some pretty spectacular custom cakes. One Redditor could not stop raving about the frosting, noting "Fred Meyer has the buttercream you're looking for. We did one of their small $5 cakes for my birthday last year and it was AMAZING. It tasted just like childhood." For big parties like weddings, the grocery chain comes through, with one customer sharing on Reddit: "I swear by Fred Meyer cakes after my mom used them at her wedding." For more intimate occasions, Fred Meyer also comes through, with one Redditor loving how "[t]hey usually sell little (6"?) cakes for $5 that are the perfect size for just 2 people."

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