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20 Healthy Chips for Weight Loss, According to Dietitians

RDs recommend these healthy chips for your next snack break.
FACT CHECKED BY Olivia Tarantino

You don't have to deprive yourself of your favorite snack when you're trying to lose weight. Nowadays, the snack aisle is brimming with healthy snack alternatives to satisfy those cravings without sabotaging your goals. If you're the type who craves something savory and crispy between meals, you'll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of low-calorie, healthy chips out there ready to support your weight loss journey.

"There are a lot of healthier chips on the shelf nowadays," says Roxana Ehsani, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, "and if you enjoy them in moderation and choose the right one, they can still be included in a healthy diet plan."

When it comes to finding healthy chips, think baked instead of fried, lower in calories, crafted from fruits or veggies, or boasting higher fiber and protein content.

Focusing on portion control is also key. "Individual-size bags are great to keep on hand to help control portions," says Cristina Flores, RD, LD, a registered dietitian with Top Nutrition Coaching.

With mindful choices and moderation, you can enjoy chips that align with your weight loss objectives. Now, let's explore our list of 20 healthy chip options recommended by registered dietitians. These picks are not only delicious but also nutritious, making them perfect companions on your journey towards better health.

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WILDE Protein Chips

bag of WILDE protein chips
Nutrition (Per 20-chip serving):
Calories: 170
Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 270 mg
Carbs: 8 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: <1 g)
Protein: 10 g

When you need a snack that will satisfy your taste buds and give you a protein boost, there are some tasty brands of protein chips you can turn to—like WILDE.

"For a classic crispy potato-chip crunch (minus the potato) and with an impressive amount of protein, WILDE Protein Chips are a great choice," says Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN. "Made with real chicken breast, egg whites, and bone broth, these chips deliver 10 grams of protein per serving."

Manaker adds, "Since consuming protein is linked to better satiety (which may help reduce caloric intake in the long run and help attain weight management goals), these chips can be an ideal addition to a better-for-you snack plan. Plus, they taste amazing."

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Lay's Poppables Sea Salt & Vinegar

bag of Lay's poppables on a white background.
Nutrition (Per 28 piece serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 8 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 220 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 0 g

Lay's Poppables Salt and Vinegar chips are packed with flavor. "Compared to regular Lay's Salt and Vinegar chips, you get double the volume per serving, with the same great flavor," says Flores. While it's not ideal that these are low in fiber and protein, they are relatively low in calories and saturated fat compared to many other types of chips on the market.

Simply 7 Lentil Chips

bag of lentil chips
Simply 7
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 210 mg
Carbs: 17 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 3 g

Made with lentil powder, potato starch, and sunflower oil, these Lentil Chips with Sea Salt from Simply 7 are a tasty, low-calorie treat that you can enjoy when the salty cravings strike. All of the products from Simply 7 are trustworthy when it comes to finding a nutritious snack, so enjoy their other chips like their Quinoa Chips or Kale Chips.

Beanitos with Sea Salt

Beanitos with Sea Salt
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 130
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 120 mg
Carbs: 15 g (Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 4 g

These healthy chips are made with beans, which naturally means they contain some fiber.

"These chips not only taste great, but they are high in fiber," says Pankonin. "Fiber is good for a healthy digestive tract, but will also keep you more full throughout the day, making weight loss easier to achieve."

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Quest Chips Nacho Cheese

quest protein chips
Nutrition (Per 32-gram serving):
Calories: 150
Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
Sodium: 330 mg
Carbs: 5 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 18 g

Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips are more than just a tasty snack—they're also full of protein. "These chips are packed with protein and low in sugar and carbohydrates. This will keep you fuller longer, which is great for weight loss," says Amber Pankonin, MS, RD, LMNT, CEC, registered dietitian, chef, and owner of the food blog Stirlist.

Siete Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips

siete sea salt tortilla chips in package
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 130
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 150 mg
Carbs: 20 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 1 g

Tortilla chips are the perfect pairing for salsa, and these have a good amount of fiber. "Siete Chips contain 3 grams of fiber, which you don't often see in chips," says Ehsani. "I always encourage people to check out the fiber content on snack foods, as the more fiber a product has, the more likely it will fill you up and leave you feeling more satisfied—and the less likely you are to overeat the bag or other foods later on in the day."

Brad's Crunchy Kale Original

Brad's crunchy kale
Courtesy of Brad's
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 70
Fat: 5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 210 mg
Carbs: 6 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 3 g

Kale chips are a great pick for weight loss because they're a low-calorie chip option.

"Don't knock them before you try them," says Ehsani. "These chips contain 130% of your daily value of vitamin K, 30% of your daily value of vitamin C, and 15% of your daily value of vitamin A. Plus, there's a ½ pound of real vegetables in one bag. These are perfect for weight loss, as they are quite low in calories per serving, too, at just 70 calories."

Sun Chips Garden Salsa

bag of Sun Chips on a white background
Sun Chips
Nutrition (Per 15-chip serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 140 mg
Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 2 g

Sun Chips are super crunchy, and the Garden Salsa version is a favorite for Flores.

"For only 140 calories, these chips are bursting with flavor and contain 2 grams of protein paired with 2 grams of fiber, which may help keep you fuller longer," says Flores.

Harvest Snaps Crisps

bag of Harvest Snaps
Harvest Snaps
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 130
Fat: 5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 75 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 5 g

Peas also make for delicious chips. "These healthy chips are made from green peas and are low in calories, low sodium, high in fiber, and they also contain 200 milligrams of potassium per serving, which is good for blood pressure," says Pankonin. "Eating foods that are low in salt and high in potassium can also help with fluid retention, making it easier to lose weight."

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Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips

bag of tortilla chips
Food Should Taste Good
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 75 mg
Carbs: 17 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 2 g

These tortilla chips go above and beyond traditional corn tortilla chips.

"Food should taste good, and these chips sure do. They are made with a variety of gluten-free grains, great for those who may be avoiding gluten for Celiac disease or other medical reasons," says Flores. "With 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein, these chips may keep you fuller longer. Dip these in guacamole for even more nutrients."

PopCorners Sea Salt

bag of PopCorners sea salt
Nutrition (Per 21-chip serving):
Calories: 120
Fat: 2.5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 190 mg
Carbs: 23 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 2 g

Baked chips like PopCorners are a good pick if you're trying to lose weight.

"These chips are baked instead of fried and are made from only yellow corn, sunflower oil, and sea salt," says Flores. "For only 120 calories, these chips are crispy, full of flavor, and great on their own or with your favorite dip."

From the Ground Up Cauliflower Tortilla Chips

bag of cauliflower chips on a white background
From The Ground Up
Nutrition (Per 10-chip serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 135 mg
Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 1 g

Cauliflower is another veggie that can make for some amazingly healthy chips.

"These chips are not only low in calories, but they also contain a blend of other vegetables like carrots and broccoli, in addition to the cauliflower," says Pankonin. "Consuming snacks that are more nutrient-rich like this can help meet vitamin and mineral needs, which is really important while trying to lose weight."

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Hippeas tortilla chips nacho vibes
Nutrition (Per 9-chip serving):
Calories: 140
Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 210 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 3 g

Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) pack extra fiber and protein into these chips.

"These chips are made with chickpea flour, which contributes to it having 3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein," says Ehsani. "Both protein and fiber, especially when combined, keep you feeling full for longer, which can help with weight loss and is another way to get in a serving of a legume!"

Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps

bag of veggie chips on a white background
Off The Eaten Path
Nutrition (Per 15-piece serving):
Calories: 130
Fat: 5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 140 mg
Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 3 g

When chips are made from rice, peas, and black beans, you know they're going to contain some helpful nutrients, which is why we love this veggie snack from Off The Eaten Path.

"These healthy chips contain 3 grams of fiber and 19 grams of carbohydrate per serving," says Pankonin. "Carbohydrates can help provide the energy needed to fuel workouts and healthy activity throughout the day." These chips are also relatively low in calories and contain 3 grams of protein, which can help you meet your protein goals without breaking your calorie deficit.

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Jackson's Sea Salt Sweet Potato with Avocado Oil

Jacksons Sea Salt Sweet Potato with Avocado Oil
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 150
Fat: 9 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 150 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 3 g)
Protein: 1 g

Sweet potatoes offer a sweet touch to crunchy chips.

"These chips have only three ingredients: sweet potatoes, avocado oil, and sea salt, and they taste delicious," says Ehsani. "Since they are made from sweet potatoes, they are naturally sweet, contain no added sugar, and can satisfy anyone looking to get a sweet and savory fix. They are made using avocado oil, which is a heart-healthy monounsaturated oil."

Food Should Taste Good Black Bean

Food Should Taste Good Black Bean Chip
Food Should Taste Good
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce):
Calories: 130
Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 80 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 4 g

These yummy chips from Food Should Taste Good are potato-free and a wonderful healthy chip.

"These chips are made with black beans, corn, flax seed, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds, which is a nutrient-dense list of ingredients!" says Ehsani. "These chips also contain a whopping 4 grams of both fiber and protein. Both of these nutrients are important to always have at meals and at snack time, as both keep you feeling full longer and can help prevent overeating."

BARE Crispy Red Apple Chips

bag of BARE apple chips
Nutrition (Per 2/3 cup serving):
Calories: 110
Fat: 0 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 0 mg
Carbs: 27 g (Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 20 g)
Protein: 0 g

Potato chips are the most common type of chip snack, but you still have options when you need a crunchy treat. BARE chips, for example, are made of real fruit instead of potato, and they're never fried!

"These chips offer a delightful crunch while helping include more produce in your diet at the same time—which is always welcomed in my book, especially considering that approximately only 10% of Americans are meeting their produce quota every day," says Manaker.

The fact that these fruit chips are just over 100 calories per serving and also provide 4 grams of fiber helps make them a great weight loss snack, especially because research shows a significant link between increased fiber consumption and weight loss.

Choose from fruits like apples, bananas, coconut, or pineapple, and enjoy a nutritiously crunchy snack break.

Snacklins Barbecue Chips

bag of Snacklins on a white background
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 100
Fat: 4.5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 95 mg
Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 0 g

Just 100 calories and fully vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, Snacklins Barbecue Chips are a healthy chip with minimal ingredients that can fit into a wide range of dietary needs.

This snack is made with yuca, mushrooms, and sunflower oil, and even though it doesn't have nutrients like fiber and protein to increase satiety, its low-calorie, low-fat nature means you can enjoy a salty snack without breaking your caloric goals for the day.

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Root Foods Tomato Chips

bags of Root Tomato Chips
Root Foods
Nutrition (Per 1 ounce serving):
Calories: 120
Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 15 mg
Carbs: 13 g (Fiber: 5 g, Sugar: 6 g)
Protein: 2 g

Another chip made from produce, Root Tomato Chips are a delicious healthy chip option to fit with your weight loss goals.

"These are hand cut, natural, and packed with nutrients and plant compounds (like lycopene)," says Manaker, "and these chips are only made with four ingredients, are not deep fried like traditional chips, and are gluten-free!"

Not only do these tomato chips keep your calorie intake low, but with 5 grams of fiber per serving you'll feel more satiated than traditional potato chips.

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Crispy Bites Zucchini Chips

bags on zucchini chips
Crispy Bites
Nutrition (Per serving):
Calories: 10
Fat: 1 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 200 mg
Carbs: 6 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 4 g)
Protein: 2 g

When you just need that crunchy, salty snack to munch on in between meals or as a side to your sandwich, the Zucchini Chips from Crispy Bites are the perfect choice. They're made with nothing but sea salt and zucchini slices, and despite only having 10 calories per serving, they still pack in 2 grams of fiber!

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