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"Healthy" Drinks That Are Wrecking Your Weight Loss Goals

These drinks can quickly become unhealthy without you realizing it.

If you've ever set a weight loss goal for yourself, one that motivates you to change your lifestyle, eat healthier foods, and include more physical movement into your routine, then chances are you've also experienced the frustration of a weight loss plateau.

Even though this is a very common, perfectly normal part of the weight loss process, it can be enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel.

Thankfully, the solution often requires just a small switch in something you're doing. For example, it may be a certain "healthy" food or drink that you are consuming too often, or a sneakily unhealthy ingredient you're including.

This is why we talked with a few dietitians about the "healthy" drinks that may be derailing your weight loss, and how you can make small changes to stick to your goals.

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Drinking your coffee black can be a great low-calorie choice for your daily routine. However, our dietitians warn that coffee can quickly become an unhealthy beverage that may derail your weight loss goals.

According to Blanca Garcia, RDN, coffee can lead to weight gain in two main ways: through the cream or milk you add, as well as your choice of sweetener.

"Some popular cream choices are milk, soy milk, coconut milk, oat milk, half and half, flavored creamers, or condensed milk, and each of these can vary significantly in calories, depending on how much each person adds," says Garcia. "Many people also  add sugar in the form of white sugar, brown sugar, honey, condensed milk (added sugar during processing), flavored syrups, or whipped cream."

While these ingredients are all delicious and it's okay to enjoy coffee your favorite way, it may be helpful to take note of the different ingredients you use and if they may be the culprits in your weight loss plateau.

Post-workout shakes

drinking protein shake

Protein shakes and smoothies can be a healthy, easy snack in the morning or after a workout. And while protein is an important component of healthy weight loss, these shakes can become "unhealthy" if you're not watching what goes in them.

"A healthy protein shake can have natural sources of protein such as milk, peanut butter, or almond butter, but these can easily grow in calories depending on the type of milk you use or if the nut butter has added sugar," says Garcia.

If you're wanting to use protein powder in your shake, Garcia also mentions that you may want to check the nutrition label before choosing one.

"The store-bought protein powders or pre-made shakes can sometimes contain higher amounts of added sugar, which can contribute to unnecessary calories," says Garcia. "Even though they now make plenty of sugar-free options, it doesn't mean that you need to take your eyes off the nutrition facts label."

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fruit juices

Juice in moderation can be a healthy part of your diet, especially if it's 100% real fruit juice. But Christine Milmine, RDN, and owner of Plant Powered You warns that if you're drinking a lot of juice instead of trying fruit in its whole form, it may be secretly derailing your weight loss goals.

"Drinking juice instead of eating the whole fruit can add extra calories and sugar," says Milmine. "You may also feel more satisfied eating the whole fruit because of its fiber and from taking the time to peel and munch on a whole fruit as opposed to gulping down a whole glass."

Energy drinks

Energy drinks

It can be rather tempting to grab a quick energy drink on the go, especially if you need a boost of caffeine before a workout. Unfortunately, many brands of energy drinks are loaded with ingredients that can contribute to weight gain.

For example, according to Harvard Health, students who regularly consume high-sugar drinks can lead to weight gain. Plus, energy drinks are known to cause even more negative health effects like increased blood pressure, raised stress levels, and an increased risk of obesity.

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